All is Still not well with Singapore… 2016

Askmelah couldn’t have summed it better than “The economy did not max out, PAP did”. Notable quotes:

“Look at soccer and what did ESM Goh said about Goal 2010, where we are today? We could not even beat our neighbours and dared not talk about any more goals anymore.”

“The parliament is always half empty, with many people sleeping in. Most policies are rubber stamped without much debates or no debates. Its a strange country but people accept it without question. Any policy that benefited public in big way? As long as I can remember, none. The best camouflaged policy with so much marketing on TV is Medishield Life that forces everyone including children and those residing overseas to pay.”

“In the past one year, there are more and more hints about 10M population. As we are moving towards 7M, the economy is still poor, looks like they are prepping the public for 10M.”


Want to know how bad is the state of our economy? pls read this post. I especially thought that the following quote the most alarming and thought-provoking:

“Apparently, everyone now is thinking that civil service is like “safe haven”. Yes it is true in the short term. Many will be flocking there and soon there will be a skew in talents in private and public sector! Remember in the long term, this will be really bad because private sector is really the driving force in an economy and public sector is merely the facilitator.”

This has already happened! When you have a Government that believes in #ownselfcheckownself and rewards oneself with the highest salary in the world without a single bit of guilt, you know that Singapore’s social and political trouble is not too far from now. Some of the many problems and scandals“incidents” that we have hardly seen in the past has been unfolding one after another in increasing frequencies.

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My favourite quote today

"I am afraid the cruise ship is over capacity limit, and it used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer’s claim that it is not sinkable, the name is Titanic. There are not enough life boats, no preparation or provision for failure. Thank you Mr Goh for reminding us." - Low Thia Khiang

"Till today, I am still puzzled by why the PAP cannot fight a fair election without gerrymandering, abusing the GRC system, basically, making sure they enter into a boxing ring with an opponent who is expected to fight them with hands tied behind the back. There is a reason why bullies are not popular in schools. Why not be the school prefect?" - Alvinology

"The question to ask is what lies at the root of the discontent or the disengagement between the G and the people. I am going to stick my neck out and say that it is ministerial salaries. I consider it the root of all evil. Serious. It reduces what should be a social compact into a business contract. " - Bertha Henson