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Dumb rules and dumb enforcements, something new LTA?

Source: LTA to review list of offenses in MRT? After a student was fined $400 for using an electrical socket at a station to charge her mobile phone, then only LTA has decided to review the list of penalties on the

Singapore is heaven for expats, the rich and the “scholars*”

Why I am not proud to be Singaporean While I agree many things that Stephanie Koh(aka Steph Micayle) said – it hurts to hear the truth from your own kind, however I don’t like her fake Australian accent and being a

Impact of liberal immigration policies begins to show – hospital bed crunch

First the MRT packed then frequent breakdown, then property prices escalating, COE prices shot through the roof, then the China workers’ strike followed by Indian workers’ riots, the latest symtops to show up is the poor planning management of the

Winning back public trust after GE

Askmelah’s Note on 22Jan2014: 3 years after the election, the trust level with this Government continues to slip.  Immigration continues to go up, prices of properties continues to rise to record level, construction boom is everywhere, MRT continues to break

Do you have deep pocket to sue?

Mobile clinic inventors drop suit against Mindef Irony of this case: The inventor, Dr Ting Choon Meng, is a well known serial inventor and his mobile clinic has been granted patent in Singapore and several countries. He sat on the Board

Can S’pore cultivate resilience in face of change?

Source: Todayonline 9 Jan 2014 Leong Chan-Hoong A protest at Hong Lim Park over the Population White Paper in February. The churning undercurrent of grievances on this issue captured the national consciousness last year. Today File Photo What makes Singapore

Ugly Singaporeans – Indiscriminate use of plastic bags

First published 9 Oct 2013, last updated 14 Jan 2014 It is time for the Singapore Government to introduce a plastic bag tax to discourage the indiscriminate use of plastic bags. Just because it is free, you often see people

Are motorist’s lives less valuable?

If every Singaporean’s life is important, LTA and TP do something to save more motorcyclists’ and cyclists’ lives! [first published 20 May 2012] 2928 motocycle casualties taken to hospital in 2010 in Singapore Civil Defence force (SCDF) ambulance. The number

22 Yr Old Man Behind Fake FB Account Heather Chua Under Investigation By Police Complete with detailed investigation on the man and screen captures which are not allowed to be shown on mainstream newspapers.

2 arrested in rare case of kidnapping in Singapore

Kidnapping is a very very serious offence in Singapore which carry death penalty or life imprisonment if caught. The latest kidnap happened on the 8th Jan 2014 involving the mother of listed supermarket chain Sheng Siong’s CEO  Lim Hock Chee.