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“夹在英语和方言之间,华语被多数学生及家长视为多余的负担,但是为了得到中学文凭,非得通过华文考试不可。这么一来,新加坡中学生努力学华文的唯一目的是:通过考试,以后不用再学。” “结束后,主办这场演讲的教授说:听外国人讲热爱中文,叫我们深思,身为华人的自己有没有像她一样热爱过这门语言?” “我慢慢开始明白,在这个极为繁荣的热带小岛,中文正处于很尴尬的位置上:多数居民是华人,政府则推出英华双语政策;可实际上,社会上地位最高的语言是英语。如今的新加坡年轻人,在朋友之间或兄弟之间,都是彼此说英语的。然而,英语在此地缺乏传统文化的背景,即使说得不错了,也很难获得深度。尤其当中国经济日趋发展的今天,炎黄子孙失去华语能力实在可惜了,因为他们不仅失去传统文化,而且失去工作上极好用的工具。” “他是马来西亚人,读的是当地华人兴办的独立中学,由于马来西亚政府不承认独中的文凭,只好来新加坡读大学,毕业后留下来任职于政府“母语处”。原来,马来西亚的华文教育水平高过新加坡。这说起来都很矛盾:在马来西亚,华人只占总人口的三分之一;在新加坡,华人比率超过七成,却因为政府重视英语,华文程度要输给马来西亚。” “主持人向听众说:听外国华文作家演讲,很清楚的是,新加坡的华语教育出问题,并不是教学方法出的问题,而是华语的社会定位出的问题;我们以前也讨论过,语言到底是工具还是文化的一部分,今天这一点也很清楚了,学好华文的外国人都对华夏文明着迷。” 新井一二三专栏:新加坡的尴尬

Singapore’s celebrity urban otter family

All is Still not well with Singapore… 2016

Askmelah couldn’t have summed it better than “The economy did not max out, PAP did”. Notable quotes: “Look at soccer and what did ESM Goh said about Goal 2010, where we are today? We could not even beat our neighbours and

5 radical changes ‘struggling’ Singapore needs: Maybank

SINGAPORE (June 30): Maybank Kim Eng on Wednesday said Singapore needs to make “radical changes” to guard against a precipitous loss of relevance to global markets. “With sub-2% GDP growth expectations and EPS contractions for equities, Singapore is struggling,” says

HDB and URA to raise carpark charges from Dec 1

The new parking coupons will be available for sale at HDB Branches/Service Centres, the URA Centre and coupon agents such as petrol stations and 7-11 outlets from early October. Motorists using public carparks will have to use new coupons with

Faster clearance at US airports for Singaporeans

Eligible Singaporeans can now use automated kiosks at 47 airports in the United States to clear immigration and Customs more quickly. Under the United States of America-Singapore Trusted Traveller Programme, eligible US passport- holders can also apply for the use

Beware of Hidden Credit Card Charges

The issue of extra charges is prevalent not only with overseas credit card transactions but can also arise with transactions on local websites with an “.sg” suffix, where payments are processed overseas (“Riding with Uber? Read fine print on extra

The Infamous Alice Fong Incident

To recap, Alice Fong said these hurtful stuff to Png’s manager: “If he’s (Png) deaf, ask him don’t work, go home and sleep. Just ask the Government to feed him, go and be a beggar! I don’t care, he took my food!”

To the government: Don’t tell Limpeh what to say

“Like many other Singaporean netizens, I think the government should be less concerned about what comes out of my mouth. Instead, they should tackle the root cause of declining English language standards in Singapore. TMG’s Bertha Henson rightly points to

Legitimacy of An Opposition MP and abuse of civil services for political mileage – The HDB Saga (Part 3)

“If Ms (Silvia) Lim has any such evidence of wrongdoing, you can let me know, and I guarantee you I will follow up. I will be the last person to ever allow the PA to be politicised.” – Chan Choon