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Time to put the cost of medical treatment under the microscope

Unless bold measures are taken, Singapore’s healthcare costs will continue to rise uncontrollably Han Fook Kwang Editor-at-Large Source: The Sunday Times, JUN 13, 2021 When my wife had knee replacement surgery at a government hospital recently, she did not have

Same old, same old, maid abuse cases are a blight on Singapore

Past cases make clear that current safeguards are inadequate – all the more so in an affluent country that has allowed so many to work here Han Fook Kwang Editor-at-Large Gaiyathiri Murugayan pleaded guilty to 28 charges on Feb 23,

Is the ground sour? Time for the 4G leaders to tackle it

source: Sunday Times 26 Aug 2018 By Han Fook Kwang Editor At Large Singapore celebrates its 53rd year as an independent nation with much to be proud of. The city has been transformed, the economy is humming along even if

SingTel v StarHub: It gets curiouser and curiouser

Singapore – Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of cable television. Where red is green, the ball is not round and rules are not what they seem. That’s how it feels right now with the twists and turns in

Singapore’s future according to Lee Kuan Yew

Singapore’s future according to Lee Kuan Yew Han Fook Kwang Editor-at-Large Sunday Times, MAR 27, 2016 When Mr Lee Kuan Yew was asked how he wanted to be judged by history, he replied: “Ah, history… I’m dead by then.” That

To improve education, go beyond classroom

Han Fook Kwang Source: Sunday Times Feb 14, 2016 Examine parts that fall outside the system which will impact community and society At the beginning of the video, the Primary 5 pupil shows what’s in her school bag. Apart from

The Broken Political System of Singapore

Askmelah note: PAP has meddled with the political system so much that it creates a whole new set of problem that are even more difficult to solve and detrimental to the long term political development of Singapore. The fact that

Fix the economy? Focus on education and culture

Source: The Straits Times  1 Nov 2015 Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the sky turned even greyer. No, I’m not referring to the wretched haze. It’s the economic outlook that took a beating last week, with one

Hail the new meritocracy

By Han Fook Kwang The Straits Times Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013 There’s a new vision and definition of meritocracy in Singapore, and they have a wonderful ring to them. When something as refreshing and with the potential to change comes