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Collections of Lee Wei Ling’s articles that appears on The Sunday Times over the years.

Difficult to accept a loved one’s suffering

Aug 29, 2010 Feeling compassion with a detachment is wise, but tough when it comes to Mama By Lee Wei Ling I awoke with a start, a while ago, from a dream. I looked at my watch. It was 4am.

Letting go of old prejudices

Source: The Sunday Times, Aug 15, 2010, First impressions may sometimes be wrong, and people can change for the better By Lee Wei Ling In 1995, I attended the International Epilepsy Congress in Sydney. Two days before the congress ended,

A love story

Love at first sight is romantic but may not hold a candle to love that lasts a lifetime & is for better or for worse By Lee Wei Ling An advertisement for the ‘Sassy Miss 2010 Workshop Series’ in The

The importance of being resilient

Foreign talents who make S’pore their home can add to our resilience and success   By Lee Wei Ling Earlier this month, on May 14, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew addressed the China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong. He told

Am I kiasu? Yes Am I kiasi? No

Source: The Sunday Times  May 2, 2010 What does not kill one makes one stronger, and we all die at some point anyway By Lee Wei Ling   Some of us never face disaster till death approaches. And even then,

My Principles Over My Life

Source: The Sunday Times dated April 18, 2010 Call me foolhardy but I won’t fund someone’s drug habit – even if my life were at risk By Lee Wei Ling In June 1996, I was in Cleveland Clinic learning about

No need for a ‘uneqqee’ name

Source: Mar 21, 2010, The Sunday Times Trend of using unique Westernised names reflects insecurity By Lee Wei Ling Over the last 50 years, the names people choose for their children, and the names some people give themselves, have changed

A different kind of sarong party girl

Tue, Mar 09, 2010, The Sunday Times by Lee Wei Ling Recently, there was an exchange in Parliament between NTUC secretary- general Lim Swee Say and Member of Parliament Irene Ng – on undergarments of all things. I found the

Being The Panda’s Daughter

By Lee Wei Ling, 28 Feb 2010, the Sunday Times Recently, I have been asked to give talks, or just to meet and greet certain “VIPs”, more often than before. This is probably due to the fact that I began

What keeps me rooted to Singapore

By Lee Wei Ling, for the Sunday Times, 01 Feb 2009 This is an era when international mobility is a privilege that many of our bright young men and women enjoy. The world is their oyster. They were born and