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Do more for the less fortunate

Source: The Sunday Times, 17 Jul 2011 “Small successes like this make being a doctor a privilege – not the pay, not the status” “But considering how little we do to help people like the three patients I have described,

When wages fail to grow along with economy

Source: The Sunday Times, Jun 18, 2013 Stagnating incomes need to be tackled in earnest By Han Fook Kwang, Managing Editor, If wage increases here can be likened to a speeding car, Singaporeans were driving Ferraris all the way from

Hail the new meritocracy

By Han Fook Kwang The Straits Times Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013 There’s a new vision and definition of meritocracy in Singapore, and they have a wonderful ring to them. When something as refreshing and with the potential to change comes

From boom, to blowing bubbles

TODAY file photo. By Devadas Krisnadas – Source: Todayonbline  15 April   Singapore’s property market has been framed as a success story. Prices have moved inexorably up since 2005 despite several rounds of cooling measures. The intervention of cooling measures

Scaling beyond life’s limit

Askmelah’s Note: while I applaud Dr Lee’s conscientiousness and righteousness and her genuity in wanting to help Jacqueline Woo, I shudder to think some powerful politicians or tycoons will be able to influence decision makers much like what is happening

Many important lessons on life come not from textbooks but from real people

Source: The Sunday Times, 21 Dec 2008 In 1983, I was training as a neurology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, the premier Harvard-affiliated hospital that some termed ‘Man’s Greatest Hospital’. This was where the rich and powerful came to seek

Inspiration People: What would you do with $100 million?

Source: The Straits Times, 30 Nov 2012 Knowing what you would do if you had a hundred million bucks will reveal your true self and what you value most, says HealthStats International CEO Ting Choon Meng, who has some 80

Steer kids away from materialistic culture early

Source: The Sunday Times,  Oct 21, 2012 By Lee Wei Ling It was an advertisement in this paper: a boy, probably five years old, grinning widely and holding a computer game controller. “I want a room full of video games

In search of the Singapore dream

by Kannan Chandran Source: Todayonline  Oct 19, 2012 You have seen a lot, in your years in corporate and social environments. How has Singapore changed? (Singapore) is nothing but a piece of rock. We have to create the wealth we

When tuition was optional

Something’s not right when kids today must have tuition for what is taught in school   By Lee Wei Ling, Source: The Sunday Times, 23 Sep 2012 A topic that has been debated heatedly recently is whether tuition is good