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Comfortable with the face I’ve earned

No purpose served in being attached to one’s looks; instead, being able to let go helps ease suffering Source: The Sunday Times  Dec 4, 2011 By Lee Wei Ling I had had a busy week so I decided to relax

The man who loved Singapore

Source:The Sunday Times, January 8, 2012 Jan 8, 2012 By Tommy Koh On June 18, 1930, a Dutchman died in the city of Haarlem (now part of Amsterdam), in the Netherlands. In his will, he left his whole estate to

For a happy birthday, keep it simple

Source: The Sunday Tmes,  May 8, 2011 Fancy parties spoil children as pleasures become routine and don’t evoke happiness By Lee Wei Ling In last Sunday’s Lifestyle, there was a full-page feature on the birthday parties parents throw for their

When doctors invoke God’s will

Beware of consigning people to prolonged suffering in the name of ‘not playing God’ Source: The Sunday Times  Dec 18, 2011 By Lee Wei Ling In medicine, we often come across situations where an attempt to save a patient’s life

Mourning my mother

Source: The Sunday Times, Oct 31, 2010 When it comes to our mother-daughter bond, emotion triumphs over logic By Lee Wei Ling My mother Kwa Geok Choo was born on Dec 21, 1920. She came from a family with genes

A true-blue S’porean’s view of China

Source: The Sunday Times, Dec 5, 2010 My ancestors may hail from the mainland but I have not an iota of Chinese chauvinism By Lee Wei Ling I picked up Journeys: An Anthology Of Short Stories by my close friend

Growing Up Mulitlingual

Notable quotes: “I do not regret the hours I laboured over Chinese classics. I carry to this day the values they imparted to me,  and they continue to guide my behaviour in life, 38 years after I completed my Chinese education.” “But when I visit

The politics behind (Singapore’s) development policies

Source: The Sunday Times  19 Nov 2011 By Ngiam Tong Dow Governance entered the political vocabulary only recently. Hitherto we spoke of good administration and good government. So what is good governance? To me, good governance is honest, efficient and

Living a life with no regrets

A reader JS emailed me: “Just browsing your site with Dr. Lee’s articles. Think you missed out one in October 2011 “Living a life with no regrets”. Can post?”. I had read this article but had decided not to include

So what is the ‘right price’?

by Conrad Raj Source: Todayonline  Nov 15, 2011 The authorities appear to be in a dilemma: Get the best price from land sales to fill the government coffers, or bring the cost of business down. The recent rejection of a bid