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So what is the ‘right price’?

by Conrad Raj Source: Todayonline  Nov 15, 2011 The authorities appear to be in a dilemma: Get the best price from land sales to fill the government coffers, or bring the cost of business down. The recent rejection of a bid

Subsidised or not, treat all patients equally

[Askmelah’s Note: this is an old article that I happen to chance upon in my paper cutting collection. So I have included here for sharing. Kudos to Dr. Lee who was born with a silver spoon and yet remain humble

Love does indeed spring eternal

Askmelah’s note: in this article, Dr. Lee has recaptured some of the intimate final moments of her mother’s passing and the unfailing love of ex-PM Lee Kuan Yew for her. Lee Kuan Yew not only will be remembered as a

DBS-OCBC merger? No thanks

Source: Todayonline  14 Sep 2011 Conrad Maria Jayaraj Once again the possibility of DBS Bank and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation merging is being raised – this time by Nomura Equity Research. While certain quarters in Government and at Temasek Holdings may

To what end our priorities?

Source: The Sunday Times  Aug 28,2011 Notable quote: “Was her (Tao Li) failure to qualify for the World Championship final such a major disaster? Who would have been harmed because Tao Li swam 0.24 sec slower in her 50m and

Remembering the childhood years

Askmelah’s Note: The most controversial segment in this article appears to be when her parents were advising Dr Lee to take the President’s scholarship. The late Mrs Lee said: “Take the prestige. Don’t take the money,so you won’t be bonded.”

Surely locals can lead our companies

Source: Todayonline 17Aug2011 Why are foreign MNCs better able than home-grown corporations to spot and appoint local talent to key posts? By Conrad Raj Let me begin by saying that I have nothing against foreign talent. In fact, some of

What’s in a name? Plenty, If it’s Chinese

source: The Sunday Times, 5 July 2011

The delicate (and mammoth) task of managing expectations

Source: Todayonline  May 23, 2011 On Saturday, a new phase in Singapore’s political development officially opened with the swearing-in of the Cabinet after a watershed election just a fortnight earlier on May 7. Deep symbolism was at work with the

Sympathy knows no borders

Source: The Sunday Times, Jun 19, 2011 Foreign maids are no less deserving of help and understanding By Lee Wei Ling Our Indonesian maid Siti has worked for my family for more than three years. She is a small woman,