Category: Dirty Politics

This category contains the dirty political events we witness in Singapore. Be it extreme elitism, favoritism, pork barrel politics, name calling, non-transparency etc etc.

The surest way to make money in Singapore

This must be the top open secret that the Singapore Government does not want you to know. Other than you being the Government and starts collecting ERP, CPF, GST and all kind of taxes, there is no other safer way

Some thoughts on the latest Pro-Singaporeans measure

Askmelah’s Note: I am sure most Singaporeans will welcome the latest announcement (see below) by MOE to give priority to Singaporeans in P1 registration balloting, I am not too sure if we are getting right for its implication and impact

A peek into the life of Chee Soon Juan

A very touching article by Yahoo!News: A peek into the life of Chee Soon Juan that make one grown man crys. Despite being sued till bankrupt and probably never ever able to find a job again in Singapore (for those

Give Singaporeans a chance!

“For those lucky few who managed to get a job, it’s either because their families have connections or they have joined the civil service…..I am so disappointed to know that our government is not doing anything to help locals like

A Myth – Singapore is corruption free

[Askmelah’s Note: While it is widely acknowledged that corruption in Singapore is rare due to the good pays (if you are top civil servants and ministers and in some sectors such as IT, research and financial sectors it even pays

The passing of another founding old guard – Dr Toh Chin Chye

“In this last term, I hope I will be of public service and not a wallflower in the chamber of parliament of a dumb cow.” Another founding fathers of Singapore had passed away. Dr Toh served as Singapore’s Deputy Prime

A sad day for Singapore democracy & the Oppositions

In the span of two weeks, two of the three highest profile opposition parties have come under the media limelight – for the wrong reasons. Workers’ Party MP Yaw was rumoured to have an extra-martial affair with one of the

Singapore Ministerial Pay

“The question to ask is what lies at the root of the discontent or the disengagement between the G and the people. I am going to stick my neck out and say that it is ministerial salaries. I consider it

Clever Innovation by Civil Servants-Calling flooding “ponds”

I don’t know to admire or angry with these civil servants’ innovativeness- if only they put their innovativeness into works rather words.  “As far as I am concerned, PUB should not have used the word ‘ponding’. I call a spade

Another white elephant in the making? – Onekey Device

IDA’s subsidiary Assurity has announced the launching of the 2FA token which IDA has worked on over the last few years and millions of dollar have been spent to do the feasibility study to come up with a national standard