Category: Dismal State of Singapore Traffic Police and LTA

Too many deaths on the roads and the often self congratulatory pat-on-the back by the Government on public transport is the reason behind this blog category.

OMG! The future of Singapore’s MRT Map

I chance upon this link and I am not sure if this future SMRT map is for real or not. I almost fainted on seeing it, on first glance it looks even a lot more complicated than the metro maps

Destruction of the environment in the pursuit of relentless economic development

“Geography is never just geography, and buildings are never just buildings. They are repositories of shared memories for a lot of people.” – Local film director Kelvin Tong “THe NSE is expected to cost upward of S$7 billion. One wonders

Singapore car population exploded in the last 10 years

While everyone in Singapore has longed suspected that car population has exploded based on the bad experience of traffic jams, lack of car park spaces, escalating parking fees and lately the skyrocketing COEs, this is the first time we have

National Shame: You call this world class transport system?

This may be an isolate incident but it left me wondering what’s wrong with our transport system. I was at a local University yesterday and arrived at the bus stop for Bus Service 179, I waited at 5:25pm and finally

Overcrowding and service disruptions

Source: Overcrowding and service disruptions Click on thumbnail to view. Story continues after photos. (Photos: myp, Shin Min, ST, STOMP, TNP, Wanbao, Zaobao)

Dismal state of Taxi system in Singapore

“The current fare system is so complex that it is a big joke for a developed country that has a reputation for achieving objectives efficiently and quickly.” – Chin Wah Seng Askmelah’s Note: The following article aptly sum up the

Sample Letters On Inaction or Ineffectiveness of Traffic Police or Law

Make caning mandatory for repeat drink-drivers Source: Todayonline   Jun 20, 2011 I refer to the report “18 arrested in ring-fencing operations” (June 17). The penalties meted out seem insufficient, which is no wonder that drink driving is so rampant.

Wake Up! Traffic Police and LTA

The driving conditions in Singapore are horrendous and a hugh distant from a “First World” society as far as driving is concerned. I have seen enough complaints and newspaper forums complaining about the bad habits of the drivers in Singapore