Category: Social Ills in Singapore

This category shares all the social ills we witness in Singapore including wastage, poor social net, social enclave, suisides etc etc

Justice Served? May be Not.

Sentences should reflect the true consequences of an offence Source: Todayonline   Nov 21, 2011 I refer to the report “Man jailed, fined for fatal accident” (Nov 17), a case involving a five-year-old girl two years ago. The speeding driver

Paid to queue – A new social illness

Many Singaporeans are rich but have no time, so they ask their maids, their foreign workers to queue on their behalf. The latest is to pay students as “part time workers” to queue for buying a flat. What message are

Destruction of the environment in the pursuit of relentless economic development

“Geography is never just geography, and buildings are never just buildings. They are repositories of shared memories for a lot of people.” – Local film director Kelvin Tong “THe NSE is expected to cost upward of S$7 billion. One wonders

Singapore car population exploded in the last 10 years

While everyone in Singapore has longed suspected that car population has exploded based on the bad experience of traffic jams, lack of car park spaces, escalating parking fees and lately the skyrocketing COEs, this is the first time we have

Ladies’ Night: Host bar scene in Singapore thrives

Adapted from The Sunday Times  9 Oct 2011 It’s now a thriving scene, with at least 10 clubs where men play host to women Midnight strikes and the stage lights suddenly come on. It is showtime for some 30 sharply

Why most Singaporeans speak English at home? – A failure of bilingual policy

“I’m from Hong Kong and even though most people here can speak English, amongst ourselves we always speak Chinese. You don’t find HK Chinese people speaking English with each other, or speaking English as a first language. So how come

Circular Road area near Boat Quay is latest to get seedy reputation

Source: The Sunday Times   25 Sep 2011 As soon as darkness descends, dozens of scantily clad women emerge under neon signs and hover around the entrances of their establishments. ‘Darling,’ they call out coyly to passers-by, ‘come in for a

Man caught with three women in obscene act

Souce: Todayonline  30 Sep 2011 An Australian man was fined S$1,500 yesterday for committing an obscene act in a Prinsep Street nightspot at around 11pm on Tuesday. Aaron Benjamin Butcher, 36, was caught with a woman performing an indecent act

One Touch And You’re In Trouble: Expats Prime Targets In Molest Scams

Source: The Straits Times 03 September 2011 His hands on her waist, they swayed to the music at a crowded, dimly lit nightclub. Maybe this Westerner was bumped. Or perhaps he was drunk or feeling cheeky when his hand slipped

National Shame: You call this world class transport system?

This may be an isolate incident but it left me wondering what’s wrong with our transport system. I was at a local University yesterday and arrived at the bus stop for Bus Service 179, I waited at 5:25pm and finally