Category: Social Ills in Singapore

This category shares all the social ills we witness in Singapore including wastage, poor social net, social enclave, suisides etc etc

Ungracious MRT Passengers’ Behaviours

A new trend has emerged as reported in The Sunday Times 24 apr 2011 that selfish MRT commuters hogs the reserved seats by wearing masks. It is long standing anti-social problem that not hard to resolve, why not just legislate

Technician jailed for engaging services of underaged prostitute

Source: Todayonline Apr 15, 2011 A quality control technician was yesterday jailed a year for engaging the services of a 14-year-old prostitute. Bhadrulzaman Hashim (picture), 29, met the girl in October 2008 through a mutual friend. The girl had lied

Grass is greener on the other side? Suicide of mother and daughter from China

THE Shanghai-born housewife who fell to her death with her young daughter in Bukit Batok spoke rarely to neighbours but was a devoted mother. Former neighbours painted this picture of 46-year-old He Xuejing, who had fallen from the bedroom window of

Social Net. What Social Net?

“One policy that shows no sign of reversing is Singapore’s antipathy towards public welfare. The state’s attitude can be simply put: being poor here is your own fault.” – The Economist in “The stingy nanny” “People are calling our hospitals a

A unique Singapore anti-social behaviour: “choping” with tissue packs

[Editors’ Note:] The hogging anti-social behaviour are not confined to tissue packs, you can find it in libraries, Starbucks, school canteens, fast food outlets where people hogs using bags, books, papers, water bottles, umbrellas and god-knows-what. Why we do not

Suicidal Situations In Singapore-Why Suicide?

“Among those aged above 50 who attempted suicide and were referred in the last financial year, a third of the 34 men struggled with health issues.” – Todayonline 25 Jul 2012   “LTA says that since 2006, 92 people have

Holland V not for heartlanders?

…(Samantha, caller on 91.3 FM’s The Married Men show): “I live in Holland Village, and I just can’t understand why people from the heartlands want to come here. We people are cultured, and you heartlanders are definitely not cultured,” she

Willing But Unemployed – Especially those above 40s!

“Native resentment is also growing against the influx of migrant workers: 35% of the workforce of 3m is now foreign. It is often cheaper for companies to import semi-skilled and unskilled workers—there were 680,000 at last count—than to hire locals,

Wastage is a way of life in Singapore

“If you think of yourself, you will play the casino with the resources that others entrust to you to get a better bonus, and cause misery to yourself and others.” – Dr Matthieu Ricard, Dalai Lama’s French interpreter and a

The downside of maid culture in Singapore

Askmelah’s Notes: Maids are affordable and easily available in Singapore. With more and more children being served by the maids, it may  spell the beginning of the downfall of Singapore with a whole new generation of softies. As of 2011,