Category: Social Ills in Singapore

This category shares all the social ills we witness in Singapore including wastage, poor social net, social enclave, suisides etc etc

On giving up seats to the needy ….

Reserved seat fines will not lead to graciousness From Angela Lim Jie Yi Source:Todayonline Jan 04, 2013 Admittedly, the issue of reserved seats has been discussed at length in our society. But imposing a “S$5 fee for sitting on reserved

Doctors ‘bound by ethics to charge fair fees’

Source: Todayonline  24 Nov 2012 Lawyers for Singapore Medical Council assert that principles of honour and integrity apply to medical profession Doctors here are ethically bound not to charge unfair and unreasonable fees for their services. The Singapore Medical Council’s

High healthcare cost in Singapore

There is a saying in Singapore: ” you can afford to die but not a long illness in Singapore.” It is a common cause why terminally ill patients choose to die without treatment or end their lives prematurely so as

Singapore is far from first world in terms of social behaviour

From chopping seats with tissues, not returning trays after eating in hawker centres, filthy public toilets, ill treating of maids and foreign workers, NIMBY, and littering in public housing, Singapore is a first world economy but with a third world social

New Social Faultline-Increasing intolerance of a more self centred generation (Amy Cheong Incident)

Singapore and many of us have lost our way along the way ……    “(Amy Cheong’s) comments reflect a deep seated racist attitude coupled with contempt for those who are less well off, or who wish to spend less. There


Source: The New Paper, 30 Aug 2012 A three-minute-long trailer for a Japanese porn movie has been circulating online – and it features iconic buildings here. The 160-minute-long video was uploaded on a Japanese porn site last Saturday. It stars

Past Incidents of Religious Disrespect in Singapore

Askmelah’s Note: In a multireligious society such as Singapore, one should be mindful and respectful of each other’s religion. There are always certain religion’s practices that may look ridiculous in other religion but there is no need to belittle or

MRT and Bus Brawls

Crowded and unreliable public transport, ungracious behaviours and the “entitlement” attitude such as the aunty below all adds up to the stress faced by residents in Singapore everyday. Quarrel Over MRT seat – Younger “Ah Lian” vs Older Auntie Fight

IVF mix-up

Human error caused IVF mix-up Source: AsiaOne  24 Nov 2010 INVESTIGATIONS into a botched in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) concluded that it was due to lapses in procedure and human error. Investigators found that TMC’s IVF

Make a scene over trivial matter – Ugly budget airline travelers

Come on, it is not easy being the front line staff. Why make their day miserable by scolding them as if they were the ones that cause the trouble or delay? Disgraceful for Tiger passengers to stage sit-in From He