Category: Social Ills in Singapore

This category shares all the social ills we witness in Singapore including wastage, poor social net, social enclave, suisides etc etc

The unhealthy tuition phenomenon

Many parents in Singapore give their children tuition not because they can not cope but to get better (hopefully prefect) scores. No wonder enrichment classes and tuition centres is a billion dollar in Singapore here. Sometimes I wonder if the

NUH apologises to late patient’s family

Source: AsiaOne  May 12, 2012 The National University Hospital (NUH) has apologised to the family of a late heart patient for failing to pay ‘close attention’ and give ‘reassuring care’ to her. Admitting that Madam Heng Choon Noi was shortchanged, NUH waived the

Horrific Ferrari Crash caught on camera, time for LTA and Traffic Police to do the right thing!

In the wee hours of Saturday (May 12) morning, a Ferrari hit a taxi which in turn hit a motorcycle at Rochor Road. So far, three are reported dead, and footage of another taxi’s camera shows the Ferrari driver beat the red light.

S’pore medical tourism needs careful rethink

Letter from See Leong Kit Source: Todayonline  May 14, 2012 THE timely report “India’s medical tourism could cause superbug to spread globally” (May 9) referred to a new superbug that has emerged from India, partly because of medical tourism, with

Nine charged in case involving underage Vietnamese sex workers

Source: CHANNEL NEWSASIA  Mar 31, 2012 Nine men were charged in court yesterday in connection with a case involving underage sex workers. Of the nine, six men were charged with having sex with underage prostitutes. The men, aged 24 to

Traffic Police latest effort to reign in lawlessness while LTA only knows how to build more roads …

Askmelah’s note: a long overdue effort, finally a TP chief is finally doing his/her job. I have no doubt that the effect will reign in the notorious bad habits of the local drivers and saves many lives in the long

Uproar over giving maids one day off

Some Singaporeans’ negative reactions to the new policy unfortunately affirm what many other cultures think of us: A spoilt, soulless society with a huge sense of entitlement. How can we be a society with soul if we cannot even consider

Too many foreign maids died unnecessarily

Relate articles: Low mentality of some Singaporean employers (and the Government) in treating maids The downside of maid culture in Singapore Yet another maid had died unnecessarily, this one fell from 8th floor condo to her death. Over the years, there

Ugly Singaporeans – AGM/EGM at its worst!

While I have heard and read about it many times form newspapers, nothing beats seeing it first hand. The particular EGM was a shareholders’ meeting to elect a new group of directors, some ugly scenes witnessed that are simply mind

Control the costs, not more subsidies!

“So why is the PAP creating highly-paid positions to run one of the smallest countries in the world?” – Source The writer hits the nail right on the head. Why tax the poor citizens with high GST then give them