Category: Ugly Singaporeans

Singaporeans are famous for their Kiasu (afraid to lose) behaviours, we capture all forms of bad ugly Singaporeans behaviour here.

Road Rage and Carpark Rage Sample Incidents

Incident 1: ‘Carpark’ Rage in Orchard Road Source: Yahoo! News, May 16, 2011 A heated argument that erupted between a luxury car driver and another driver at the Atrium along Orchard Road and was captured on video is buzzing online.

Ungracious MRT Passengers’ Behaviours

A new trend has emerged as reported in The Sunday Times 24 apr 2011 that selfish MRT commuters hogs the reserved seats by wearing masks. It is long standing anti-social problem that not hard to resolve, why not just legislate

A unique Singapore anti-social behaviour: “choping” with tissue packs

[Editors’ Note:] The hogging anti-social behaviour are not confined to tissue packs, you can find it in libraries, Starbucks, school canteens, fast food outlets where people hogs using bags, books, papers, water bottles, umbrellas and god-knows-what. Why we do not

Holland V not for heartlanders?

…(Samantha, caller on 91.3 FM’s The Married Men show): “I live in Holland Village, and I just can’t understand why people from the heartlands want to come here. We people are cultured, and you heartlanders are definitely not cultured,” she

Pregnant commuter asks for a seat – and gets scolded

Letter from Yeo Swee Tiang Joanne Source:  Mar 16, 2011 I’m 28 weeks pregnant, with low blood pressure that makes me prone to fainting spells and shallow breathing. On Mar 15, I boarded the train from Buangkok Station at

Ugly Singaporeans Video – A production of Temasek Polytechnics

A montage of Singaporeans and their lack of manners. A production for Class 95’s Ugliest Singaporean Video contest. Featured in Singapore’s National Day Rally (2008) Speech by Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong.     More pictures of Ugly Singaporeans! Click here!