Foreign sport talent imports don’t work!

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Eight times Australian National Champion and Commonwealth Games Men’s Singles silver medalist (2006), William Henzell, lambasted Singapore for sending a “professional team” – the politically correct descriptive for “mercenary” – to Glasgow that was largely made up of PRC-born players. “I don’t think hat Singapore does is in the spirit of the Games.”


“There was once a father who had a son. There was a sporting event at his son’s school. The father who was a smart man realized that his son would probably not win. Besides it detracted from the more important goals of studying for exams. The father still wanted a gold medal. So the father took some money from his son’s college fund which his son had been working for – and hired someone to impersonate his son at the Sports event. That person won. The father gave the person some money and took the medal home. The father now had a gold medal to proudly hang in the dining room.That parable just about sums up my opinion of the decision by the govt to stack the sporting teams with talented foreign born players.” – Buying Gold Medals

Singapore just won’t 6 table tennis golds from the Commonwealth game though China imports, no excitement, no pride. But when a relatively unknown local born badminton player won the badminton Silver unexpectedly, especially after a hard fought final and lose marginally, the response was overwhelming. It says a lot to the politicians: pay more attention to groom our people, do not take short cut in grooming talents. Singapore people are not so naive and there is no pride in winning gold by importing.

“Out of these 38 medals, 29 medals were won by foreign-born Singaporeans from different countries.  This means Singapore-born athletes won only 9 medals.”

“The worst case would definitely be when a foreign-born athlete fails to integrate into our society, then packs up and leaves when his or her sporting days are over. If you want to buy in to Singapore, you have to buy in to the whole package.”

But (the coach) said Isabelle wasn’t ready. If we had fielded her and lost the gold medal, do you think no one will criticise us? – For the Commonwealth Games women’s team final, where Singapore played against Malaysia, Lee Bee Wah had suggested that the coach field Ms Isabelle Li for two singles matches (Askmelah: WTF, No Balls?).


Updated 28 Sep 2014

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