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See some of the talented Singaporeans featured here. If you think Singapore is a nanny state, hope these clips will change your mind after watching these clips.  

Probably the best Singapore comedian


A Touching True Blue Local Song – Home

Sung by Kit Chan 陈洁仪, the song is composed by Dick Lee. It is my wish that one day one talented Singaporean will do a great rendition of Majullah Singapura, just like what Whitney Houston has done for their National Antumn Star Spangled Banner.  

Kumar Drag Queen

Kumar is one of the most well known Singapore’s cross-dressing performer and one of the funniest comedians. His jokes typically touch on many taboo subjects in Singapore such as government policies, races and genders. More often than not, his jokes can be quite R-rated.

Click more for the part 2 and part 3 of this Youtube.

Dick Lee sings We Are Singapore!

Dick Lee is one of the greatest Singaporean musicians who have written many Chinese and English songs. In this particular YouTube video, he digged on the topics of dialects, national songs and politics. Be warned that some parts of the language may be crude. The clip can only best appreciated by Singaporeans only.

Hitler And ERP Woes (Singapore)

This clip laughs at ourselves on the so-called world class transport system from ERP to MRT by cleverly matching the subtitles against the backdrop of the movie Hitler. The clip can only best appreciated by Singaporeans only.


The Noose: Singaporeans complain all the time


This is probably one of the best selling films produced by Singaporeans (and Malaysian) artists in recent years. The story was developed and centred around an uniquely grassroot culture in Singapore/Malaysia known as Getai. A very detailed excellent description of the background of the theme song featured below can be found here.

 Best Singlish Lessons!








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My favourite quote today

"I am afraid the cruise ship is over capacity limit, and it used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer’s claim that it is not sinkable, the name is Titanic. There are not enough life boats, no preparation or provision for failure. Thank you Mr Goh for reminding us." - Low Thia Khiang

"Till today, I am still puzzled by why the PAP cannot fight a fair election without gerrymandering, abusing the GRC system, basically, making sure they enter into a boxing ring with an opponent who is expected to fight them with hands tied behind the back. There is a reason why bullies are not popular in schools. Why not be the school prefect?" - Alvinology

"The question to ask is what lies at the root of the discontent or the disengagement between the G and the people. I am going to stick my neck out and say that it is ministerial salaries. I consider it the root of all evil. Serious. It reduces what should be a social compact into a business contract. " - Bertha Henson