Must-have Singapore Mobile Apps

In no particular order though based mainly on Android OS, most should have an equivalent App in iOS, these are the most useful apps in Singapore that one can not do without and they are all free: MeRadio : online

Keeper of light

Source: The Straits Times  10 Mar 2014 Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 Toh Yong Chuan The Straits Times SINGAPORE – The colonial-style building has a private jetty where a 20m luxury yacht can dock and a dining room with a 180-degree

Chinatown Food Street reopened on Feb 22, 201

Souce: The Straits Times  22 Feb 2014 The 100-metre street, located at Smith Street, has undergone a $5 million facelift. This includes adding a high-ceiling glass shelter and a built-in cooling system. There are 24 street hawker shops, six shophouse

Please be fair, raise our taxes

Source: The Sunday Times, Feb 16, 2014 How is the Government to find money for increased social spending? It is time the rich stepped up By Willie Cheng For The Straits Times ONE wintry night some five years ago, I

10 sayings by ex-top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow

” International Medical Centre : A Missed Opportunity, or Not Too Late?” See the full interview transcript here where top ex-civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow’s wide-ranging interview in the September edition of the Singapore Medical Association newsletter criticised Singapore’s “tamer” public

Some of the most unusual Singaporean western names

Many younger generation of parents like to give their kids an English (or more commonly known as Christian, Englishised or western) names, irregardless of whether they are Christians or Catholics or not. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in the Chinese community

Good schools turning into elite and snob schools

It is an open secret that these “independent” schools have been charging sky high school fee (more than 20 times the public school), building sprawling campus, attracting students mainly from rich families and etc etc. One of my relatives quitted

Dumb rules and dumb enforcements, something new LTA?

Source: LTA to review list of offenses in MRT? After a student was fined $400 for using an electrical socket at a station to charge her mobile phone, then only LTA has decided to review the list of penalties on the

Singapore is heaven for expats, the rich and the “scholars*”

Why I am not proud to be Singaporean While I agree many things that Stephanie Koh(aka Steph Micayle) said – it hurts to hear the truth from your own kind, however I don’t like her fake Australian accent and being a

Impact of liberal immigration policies begins to show – hospital bed crunch

First the MRT packed then frequent breakdown, then property prices escalating, COE prices shot through the roof, then the China workers’ strike followed by Indian workers’ riots, the latest symtops to show up is the poor planning management of the