Cheapskate Singaporeans caught on camera

Cheapskate couple stealthily puts dimsum from Chinatown buffet restaurant into bag  

Ugly singaporeans- High rise building litter bugs

Despite govt efforts, high-rise littering refuses to go away source: todayonline 3 mar 2014 The problem of high-rise littering appears to be rearing its ugly head again, with the number of offenders being caught each month doubling since December. Figures

Do more for the less fortunate

Source: The Sunday Times, 17 Jul 2011 “Small successes like this make being a doctor a privilege – not the pay, not the status” “But considering how little we do to help people like the three patients I have described,

Are Singaporean Workers… Expensive & Entitled?

These are the charges some employers have levelled against locals in a recent debate over wages and skills. Robin Chan investigates. Source: The Straits Times, 13 Jul 2013 A YOUNG university graduate walks into his first job interview at a

6 ugly facts about Singaporeans’ incomes

Source: Singapore Business Review Here are 6 ugly facts about Singaporeans’ incomes There’s a downward trend in average monthly incomes. According to the Singapore Social Health Project 2013 by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, declining trend in average monthly

A disturbing trend ….. The demanding generation or is it?

Askmelah’s Note: spoilt by the parents, live-in maids and the Government, the new generation of citizens are ever more outspoken and much more demanding than the earlier generations. From asking for University places as if it is their birth-right to

Haze level hits all-time high

Askmelah’s latest update (25 Jun 2013): The haze situation has vastly improved due to a change in wind direction and the sky has been clear for the last 4 days. Adatped from Todayonline  20 Jun 2013 Singapore air quality in

When wages fail to grow along with economy

Source: The Sunday Times, Jun 18, 2013 Stagnating incomes need to be tackled in earnest By Han Fook Kwang, Managing Editor, If wage increases here can be likened to a speeding car, Singaporeans were driving Ferraris all the way from

Parking woes in Singapore – Complicated traffic rules

You need a PHD not to flout parking rules in Singapore Double yellow line: No parking on this side of the road Single solid line: No parking on either side of the road Dashed (Broken) line: Can park at both

PAP vs WP Rally – What a contrast!

Big Contrast in General Election 2011 WP (Opposition Party) Rally – The massive turnout causing a massive traffic jam and the mobile network outage for all the three operators.     PAP Rally: Over at the PAP rally, the organiser