Why the need for public funds?

[Askmelah’s Note: this is another classic example of inconsistency in policy implementation. While Govt always advocate that private companies should not be bailed out, why waste taxpayers’ monies to subsidise profitable transport companies? Just need to tell the operators if

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Woman sounding her car horn continously

The woman responsible for causing a commotion at Block 65 in Bedok South by sounding her car horn continuously, insists that she has done nothing wrong despite disrupting the lives of the residents around the area. more report at Razor

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Singapore population can’t keep rising (Part2) – The reactions to the most unpopular 6.9million population whitepaper

read also Singapore population can’t keep rising (Part 1) “Today, there are large numbers of high-end immigrants entering the country, many from China and India…..they are better educated, more hard-working and driven, and better able to compete against professional Singaporeans

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We are Number One again! Err, in terms of habitual complaining

Singaporeans always wants to be No.1, this is one title that we will rather not have. It may be hilarious take but is is not far from the truth.

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Many important lessons on life come not from textbooks but from real people

Source: The Sunday Times, 21 Dec 2008 In 1983, I was training as a neurology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, the premier Harvard-affiliated hospital that some termed ‘Man’s Greatest Hospital’. This was where the rich and powerful came to seek

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On giving up seats to the needy ….

Reserved seat fines will not lead to graciousness From Angela Lim Jie Yi Source:Todayonline Jan 04, 2013 Admittedly, the issue of reserved seats has been discussed at length in our society. But imposing a “S$5 fee for sitting on reserved

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Retired URL Links

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Feng Shui in Singapore

Collection of Fengshui Stories in Singapore Disclaimer: this is meant for knowledge sharing and some details are based on local folklore or hearsay, so take it with a pinch of salt. It is not meant as a fengshui guide. Feng

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“So did the town councils as public institutions do the right thing, selling to a company owned by a political party with its own agenda?” – Dr. Tan Cheng Bock “(Town councils) certainly are political organisations.It does not, however, follow

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Inspiration People: What would you do with $100 million?

Source: The Straits Times, 30 Nov 2012 Knowing what you would do if you had a hundred million bucks will reveal your true self and what you value most, says HealthStats International CEO Ting Choon Meng, who has some 80

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My favourite quote today

"I am afraid the cruise ship is over capacity limit, and it used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer’s claim that it is not sinkable, the name is Titanic. There are not enough life boats, no preparation or provision for failure. Thank you Mr Goh for reminding us." - Low Thia Khiang

"Till today, I am still puzzled by why the PAP cannot fight a fair election without gerrymandering, abusing the GRC system, basically, making sure they enter into a boxing ring with an opponent who is expected to fight them with hands tied behind the back. There is a reason why bullies are not popular in schools. Why not be the school prefect?" - Alvinology

"The question to ask is what lies at the root of the discontent or the disengagement between the G and the people. I am going to stick my neck out and say that it is ministerial salaries. I consider it the root of all evil. Serious. It reduces what should be a social compact into a business contract. " - Bertha Henson