TaxiBot App: All-In-One Cab, Uber, Grab Promo Codes

It is a chatbot on Facebook that supplies you with the latest promotion codes for ComfortDelGro, Uber and Grab. You need to install Facebook Messenger first in order to use this app.

Sometimes we should say it like it is. It’s a characteristic of obstreperous Singaporeans

Chua Mui Hoong Source: Straits Times, 22 Apr 2017 From whether cars should be banned from Orchard Road, to R&D spending and race, three articles this week exemplify the virtues of plain speaking. In my role as Opinion Editor, I

Merpati road and legal land grabbing

“SLA moves in after three Merpati Road homeowners refuse to vacate-The properties were gazetted for redevelopment around the upcoming Mattar MRT Station” You hear often in other countries where unscrupulous local government or developers grab the land from the home

Ugly Singaporeans: Reserve table-bully old man incident

No words can express my outrage and disgust: Daughter of elderly man in Toa Payoh hawker centre table dispute Shame on the couple who bullied the old man. First they have no right to reserve the whole table to themselves

30 Highest Paid Chief Executive Officers In Singapore

Probably the most complete picture of the 30 highest paid CEOs in Singapore 2013: The top 5 remuneration disclosures of corporate chiefs, which did not change much from 2013, in 2016 are: Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS Group, S$10,254,249 Kwek

Another one-in-fifty-year flood!

This is probably the sixth or seventh times of “ponding” since the infamous remark by the late LKY and the minister. Just few weeks ago, Government was blaming a contractor for causing the Thomson flash flood, who to blame this

“if you want to see how society will treat you when you hit your 40s. Just look at how society treats the 40 year olds now. “ Other interesting quotes from the same author: “At work you focus on experiential goods like travel, but the reason you need travel is because you are so stressed out by work. You become financial independent so that you can

Lessons learnt from failure

Tan Chin Hwee Source: The Straits Times Aug 12, 2016 The first lesson I would like to share has to do with perseverance. When I was a student, I was fortunate to have won a scholarship with less than stellar

The pursuit of degree does not make sense anymore!

“There’s been a shift in the value of college in recent years – one which I’ve been reluctant to acknowledge, especially as a father of three, but the reality is that (1) Recent college graduates are currently experiencing the highest

Transparency and accountability, or the lack of it – MRT hairline cracks incident

“As sound as Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam saying that the govt cannot disclose why Charles Goodyear left Temasek even though “there is public interest”. As sound as how Ho Ching’s salary cannot be revealed (when even the Prime Minister’s can). As