All you want to know about de-registering and scrapping a 10 year old car

Car ownership in Singapore is limited to the validity of COE which last you for only 10 years. You can scrap or export the car at the end of the 10th year or anytime before that. This article will give

Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter: I’m a Martian anyway

Dr Lee Wei Ling with her mother, Madam Kwa Geok Choo, in England in 1971, on the occasion of her father receiving honorary doctor of laws degrees at Liverpool and Sheffield universities.PHOTOS: COURTESY OF LEE WEI LING Source: The Straits

How bad is the haze condition in Singapore?

Enough said. Click the picture below to see the real impact of Haze on the Singapore landscape.

Online Search for cheapest hawker food in Singapore

Singaore Government has compiled a list of the cheapest hawker food across the island in an online directory . The pilot portal features 22 popular dishes, including chicken rice, economical rice, mee goreng and roti prata, found in hawker centres

Remembering Singapore’s own 911 – Askmelah’s take on GE2015

[Updated 12 Sep 15] Democracy has spoken, Singapore ruling party won with a landslide victory of close to 70% vote, dealing a blow to future democracy in Singapore. The majority stork in Singapore wants stability, tangible benefits, material well beings

To what end, all the President’s Scholars?

Eight of 11 President’s Scholars from the class of 1972 are seen here with then President Benjamin Sheares (centre) at the Istana. They are (from left) Lim Hng Kiang, Lim Teik Hock, Chan Seng Onn, Lee Wei Ling, Lee Bee

AHPETC Bashing – What is an MP role? Should Town Council law be reverted?

“Too often, the debates on AHPETC took on the flavour of verbal wars, where scoring political points seemed to be the order of the day.” – Singapore Management University (SMU) law don Eugene Tan “This is wicked politics at its

Divine intervention in Bangkok Bomb Blast?

According to, the force of the detonation resulted in fatalities at the scene and caused damage on structures as far away as 50 meters. Buildings on the periphery of the blast such as the Police General Hospital, Gaysorn Plaza

Sugar daddy dating sites (updated 2018)

Source:  The Sunday Times 16 Aug 2015 “Sugar dating” sites, which pair young women with rich older men willing to pay lavishly for companionship, have, in recent years, begun targeting people in Singapore. And hundreds have been signing up, leading

Why Singapore’s “paper” general and “scholarship” system are not working

I can’t help but instinctively linked the dilemma and problems faced by Singapore today when I read the latest Insead‘s article and I quote: “Not all leaders are equipped to deal with uncertainty. While many organisations have a Chief Risk