Singapore River Taxi

Not a very popular mode of transport in Singapore. There are currently two operators operating the river taxi (see below). The monthly passes for unlimited water taxi rides at S$150 a month and the take-up has been low according to Straits Times.  The operators each ply separate routes that cover 16 landing points along the Singapore River and eight in Marina Bay, for a flat rate of S$3 for a one-way trip. To cater to those working in the Central Business District, water taxi services operate at 20-minute intervals every day from 7am to 10pm, and at 10-minute intervals during peak hours.

People may be missing something on this unique mode of transport as one financial commentator David Guo reported: “All I can say is that it was probably the best $3 that I spent that day, as as I snapped away at the delightful scenes along the way on my smartphone. The breath-taking views that unfolded are second to none, as the boat snaked its way down the waterway. We sometimes forget just how stunningly-beautiful our Garden City really is.”

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1. Singapore River Explorer (Route 1)

Commuter service

Jiak Kim – Kim Seng – Havelock – Fort Canning – Eu Tong Sen – North Bridge – Raffles Landing – Raffles Place – Clifford Pier

Mon-Fri: 10-min intervals at 8.00 – 9.30am and 5.30 – 7.00pm; other times at 20-min intervals
Sat-Sun/PH: 10-min intervals at 5.30 – 7.00pm; other times at 20-min intervals

Express service

Clifford Pier – Marina Bay City Gallery – Bayfront North – Promenade – Marina Barrage

15-min intervals during peak hours; other times at 30-min intervals

2. Singapore River Cruise (Route 2)

Commuter service

River Valley – Robertson Quay – Clemenceau – Clarke Quay – Fullerton – Merlion Park – Esplanade – Bayfront South – Promenade

Mon-Fri: 10-min intervals at 7.00 – 9.30am and 5.30 – 8.00pm; other times at 20-min intervals
Sat-Sun/PH: 10am – 10pm, 20-min interval

Express service

Clarke Quay – Merlion Park – Bayfront South

Mon-Fri: 15-min intervals at 7.00 – 9.30am and 5.30 – 8.00pm; other times at 30-min intervals
Sat-Sun/PH: 9am – 10pm, 30-min interval

Fares for commuter services are at $3 per trip, and $4 per trip for express services.

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