Too many foreign maids died unnecessarily

photo:KUAH BOO INN (Souce: AsisOne)

photo:KUAH BOO INN (Souce: AsisOne)

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Yet another maid had died unnecessarily, this one fell from 8th floor condo to her death. Over the years, there were simply too many maids fell down from the apartments. Some are accidents, some are oblivious to the danger of cleaning the windows of high rise flats, but there are definitely a sizeable clean-obsessed employers who ordered their maids to clean the windows despite knowing the danger. How often do you hear of Singaporeans and residents falling from their flats accidentally due to cleaning or otherwise? It is time for these unscrupulous employers to do serious soul searching. As for the maid, they are protected by law to not to endanger their own lives, it is simply not worth the money to lose one life over a few hundred dollars a month, much less if you consider one has to pay 8 months of their salaries to the agents.

Declining to be named, she told The Straits Times on Monday that the desperate woman’s eyes, wide with fear, have been seared into her memory.”

[Updated 4 Apr 2012: Todayonline - the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) yesterday rejected calls for stricter work safety legislation for the FDWs as doing so would not address the root of the problem. The MOM instead pledged to enhance safety training for new FDWs. It also called on employers to be more vigilant and supervise the FDWs more closely in their work…. According to the MOM, there were six fatal falls – all involving maids who were cleaning windows or hanging out laundry – in the first three months of the year. In comparison, between 2007 and last year, there were a total of 24 such cases.]

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