Latest Festivals and Events

The most conveient source to get the most updated events happening in Singapore is to pick up the current day’s newspaper The Straits Times. Under the “Life! events” in the Life! folder, you will be able to get the most updated activities happening for the week ranging from events such as Art Exhibitions, Book Fairs, Festivals, shows can be found in two full pages.

The webpage from eTour has a good list of the festivals happening in Singapore all year round, click the link below:

Enchanting Singapore Festivals – When, Where, How.

Other useful links:

The Great New Places:

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My favourite quote today

"Reconsider the dependents policy - I have come across a number of cases where our targeted one child from China brings in 2 parents who then bring 2 parents each as their dependents - Net is that we gain one young one child who we brought in for our future but also inherited 6 older people - making our ageing population issue worse not better." -Outspoken PAP MP Inderjit Singh

Tommy Koh on Singapore's awakening on Foreign Talents: "First, Singapore discovered that some so-called foreign talent was not really very talented. Second, there was the discovery that, in some cases, when a foreign chief executive officer was hired, he or she discriminated against Singaporeans when hiring staff."