Wake Up! Traffic Police and LTA

The driving conditions in Singapore are horrendous and a hugh distant from a “First World” society as far as driving is concerned. I have seen enough complaints and newspaper forums complaining about the bad habits of the drivers in Singapore that I have decided to start this discussion page. This journal will help to keep track of all the letters and comments published on newspaper and online.

Some of the bad driving habits in Singapore are:

- Tailgating

- Not signalling before filtering or turning

- Speeding

- jump queuing

- Not giving ways to motorist, cyclist and pedestrians

- road hogging

- No stopping at STOP signs

- Beat red light (esp when no traffic camera at the junction)

- dishonest insurance claims

- drink driving

- using handphone while driving

Many of these problems can be easily solved if the authority wants to, but no attempt or effort being carried out to stem out these bad driving habits. How often do you see traffic police on the road for example? Why no traffic camera installed in those frequent queue jumping areas? Why so few speed trapping cameras? Why no programs initiated by the TP to galvanise volunteers to help catch violators of traffic rules? Why no laws to peg the fines to the income levels of the violators since the rich can well afford the small fines and there are many rich people in Singapore? Why police does not take up a citizen’s reuqest for investigation (such as a hit and run case), instead pass the buck to the insurers?and the list goes on …..

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