Another name calling incident by PAP leader

Yet another name calling incident by PAP leaders this time a relatively new minister who some touted could possibly (God Blessed Singapore) be the next PM of Singapore Chan Chun Seng. While the article of Chee Soon Juan’s article published in NY time was about criticism of PAP’s “bad” policy, instead of defending the policy, Chan stooped so low in resorting to name calling:

  • “You perhaps believe he is a weighty political figure in Singapore. He is nothing of the kind,”
  • “Dr Chee is a political failure — not because he was persecuted, as he likes to pretend”
  • “While it was Mr Chiam (See Tong) who brought Dr Chee into the SDP fold in 1992, Dr Chee later forced him out of the party. Since then, the SDP hasn’t won a single seat in Parliament.”
  • “His party is now one of the weakest political parties in Singapore principally because voters do not regard its leader as an honourable man.”

The full text can be found here. The full reply by Chan is about chastising Chee Soon Juan’s character and his past mistakes, nothing at all in defending about the “bad” policy.

While Askmelah may not agree with many things that Chee had done in the past, but he is a change man now, why the Government just will not give this man a chance and instead keep trashing him for his past mistakes. It is uncalled for and ungentlemanly and does not bode well in fostering a positive political environment and our future.

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Source: Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo News