Are motorist’s lives less valuable?

If every Singaporean’s life is important, LTA and TP do something to save more motorcyclists’ and cyclists’ lives! [first published 20 May 2012]

2928 motocycle casualties taken to hospital in 2010 in Singapore Civil Defence force (SCDF) ambulance. The number in 2011 roses to 4095!!! it does not matter if the motorcyclist is in the right or wrong, if he is in an accidents, he often pays for his life or severe disability due to the little physical protection he has.

[Updated 13 Jan 2014: Another accident motorist died unneccessarily, the nature of the accident was horrific where the motorist’s head was severed. The lorry driver is a driver hired from China, the dead was a Chinese motorcyclist from Malaysia who was said to be a careful motorcylist who worked here for many years based on the report.]

Over half of bad crashes involve motorcyclists

Motorcyclists tend to suffer severe injuries because they get flung off their vehicles

Every day, almost a dozen motorcyclists or pillion riders are injured on the roads.

Hospitals say they account for more than half of the more serious accident cases, even though motorcycles make up only 15 per cent of vehicles here.

Last year, 96 motorcyclists and three pillion riders died – accounting for half of all road deaths.

Many riders who survive suffer severe injuries because they are flung and dragged or they land in the path of other vehicles. Fractures are common, and they also suffer internal injuries ranging from brain damage to crushed organs, and could end up in hospital for weeks or months.


Since January last year, NUH has treated 370 road accident victims with moderate to severe injuries. They included 220 motorcyclists or pillion riders, 15 of whom died.

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