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A new home at Kelantan Road for former Sungei Road vendors

After Sungei Road market was redeveloped in 2017, many former vendors moved on to drive taxis, do deliveries and other odd jobs Mr Raymond Khoo, founder of charity The Saturday Movement, rented two units at 28 Kelantan Road for these

Latest NEA Stop Plastic Waste Campaign

Please do your part for the environment!!!!    

Conversation: Elitism and Social Mobility

Prof Koh: DPM, the important question is not whether he (toilet cleaner) behaves with dignity, but whether people who enter the lavatory show respect and treat him with dignity. DPM Tharman: Absolutely. Prof Koh: And I would say in Singapore, the elite does

Is the ground sour? Time for the 4G leaders to tackle it

source: Sunday Times 26 Aug 2018 By Han Fook Kwang Editor At Large Singapore celebrates its 53rd year as an independent nation with much to be proud of. The city has been transformed, the economy is humming along even if

The Complete Michelin Guide Singapore 2018 Selection

The Bib Gourmand

URL link to NS Deferment for Ben Davis to Develop Singapore Football Talent While this Government is giving citizenships freely to third world country people, I find it particularly disturbing that one of our own sons has to give up his citizenship to pursue his dream career and a chance to represent

While China and our neighbours are making loads of money from USA, Singapore does the opposite!

Source: SGX Masnet, Bloomberg, Channel NewsAsia, Reuters, The Business Times, PSR MACRO / SECTOR CHART OF THE DAY

Singapore Unofficial registry Convicted Sex Offenders The site is dedicated to all people of Singapore who wishes to search and find out of previous convicts are released or still in prison.  

What to do when you have depression?

Viral video: pretty daughter apologised on behalf of father

Father allegedly assaulted driver but luckily his pretty daughter was able to prevent it from escalating further   GPGT – cute cute sinkie XMM apologise nonstop for her PAPA vulgar behavior!!