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Collections of former top civil servant, Ngiam Tong Dow’s articles that often provides thought provoking argument. Ngiam is a patriot and has been quite critical of the current Government lately with good intentions.

Foreign talent are like infant trees

“First, Singapore discovered that some so-called foreign talent was not really very talented. Second, there was the discovery that, in some cases, when a foreign chief executive officer was hired, he or she discriminated against Singaporeans when hiring staff.” –

Lest we become strangers in our own land

Source: The Straits Times  24 Sep 2009  BY NGIAM TONG DOW A CASE could be made that Singapore’s transition from a British colony to an independent state was shaped by the Cold War. After all, Singapore achieved independence by first

Building more world-class S’pore firms

By Ngiam Tong Dow Source: The Straits Times  June 6, 2009 FINANCE MINISTRY’S 50TH YEAR THE year 1959 was a fateful one for Singapore. It was granted self-government by the British after 140 years of colonial rule. Other than foreign

I now shout from the rooftop

Source: The Straits Times  May 20, 2008 As a top civil servant, Ngiam Tong Dow was known among his peers for being forthright in expressing his views. Today he continues, with spirit and insight, to critique the Establishment he once

Minds And Mindsets: The Civil Servant And The Businessman

aka Chronic Worrier, adapted and printed by The Straits Times  11 May 2005 SPEECH BY MR NGIAM TONG DOW AT THE PONTIAC LAND-IPS THOUGHT LEADERS LUNCH HELD ON 10 MAY 2005 AT THE SUMMER PALACE RESTAURANT, THE REGENT, SINGAPORE ____________________________________________________________

Singapore ‘bigger than PAP’

Source: The Straits Times, 5 Oct 2003 Time to get off the autopilot, says a former civil servant. SINCE Mr Ngiam Tong Dow retired from the civil service in 1999, affairs of state have weighed heavily on his mind. The