Category: Dismal State of Singapore Traffic Police and LTA

Too many deaths on the roads and the often self congratulatory pat-on-the back by the Government on public transport is the reason behind this blog category.

The flawed transportation system in Singapore – Go beyond infrastructure in fixing transport woes

4 years after my original post calling for an urgent overhaul to the flawed transport system, the latest to add to the call for privatisation comes from none other than Professor Kishore Mahbubani, the Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew

Dumb rules and dumb enforcements, something new LTA?

Source: LTA to review list of offenses in MRT? After a student was fined $400 for using an electrical socket at a station to charge her mobile phone, then only LTA has decided to review the list of penalties on the

Are motorist’s lives less valuable?

If every Singaporean’s life is important, LTA and TP do something to save more motorcyclists’ and cyclists’ lives! [first published 20 May 2012] 2928 motocycle casualties taken to hospital in 2010 in Singapore Civil Defence force (SCDF) ambulance. The number

Atrocious and Deteriorating Driving Habits

Here is just  a small sample of letters in Singapore on this topics….And the Government is doing very little in arresting this situation despite collecting humongous amount of taxes and revenue from the drivers!!!   Let’s drive with more etiquette


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Proposed mechanised parking in HDBs. Dumb!

Bad bad idea!!! Instead of controlling the car population (isn’t that the aim of COE?), the Government is resorting to the expensive and inconvenient option to solve the symptoms rather than the root cause. Even the reporter in this following

Parking woes in Singapore – Complicated traffic rules

You need a PHD not to flout parking rules in Singapore Double yellow line: No parking on this side of the road Single solid line: No parking on either side of the road Dashed (Broken) line: Can park at both

Horrific Ferrari Crash caught on camera, time for LTA and Traffic Police to do the right thing!

In the wee hours of Saturday (May 12) morning, a Ferrari hit a taxi which in turn hit a motorcycle at Rochor Road. So far, three are reported dead, and footage of another taxi’s camera shows the Ferrari driver beat the red light.

Traffic Police latest effort to reign in lawlessness while LTA only knows how to build more roads …

Askmelah’s note: a long overdue effort, finally a TP chief is finally doing his/her job. I have no doubt that the effect will reign in the notorious bad habits of the local drivers and saves many lives in the long

CEO of SMRT should step down, period!

“As CEO of SMRT, I am naturally responsible (for the breakdowns). Being responsible does not mean walking away from these faults; it means doing all I can to get the problem fixed.” – Saw Phaik Hwa “I accept it’s crowded.