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Cost issues ailing Singapore medical tourism

Source: The Straits Times  11 May 2015 I AM not surprised that Singapore has lost its shine among medical tourists (“S’pore ‘losing medical tourists to neighbours’ “; last Friday). Our neighbours are not only significantly cheaper, but they have also

Cancer survivor has hole in throat for 4 years – why?

Former security guard U. Govindan had a walnut-sized hole in his throat followed his treatment for cancer in his voice box.. He could not speak, eat or drink. Food and liquid would seep out of the hole. TTSH left him to


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Doctors ‘bound by ethics to charge fair fees’

Source: Todayonline  24 Nov 2012 Lawyers for Singapore Medical Council assert that principles of honour and integrity apply to medical profession Doctors here are ethically bound not to charge unfair and unreasonable fees for their services. The Singapore Medical Council’s

High healthcare cost in Singapore

There is a saying in Singapore: ” you can afford to die but not a long illness in Singapore.” It is a common cause why terminally ill patients choose to die without treatment or end their lives prematurely so as

IVF mix-up

Human error caused IVF mix-up Source: AsiaOne  24 Nov 2010 INVESTIGATIONS into a botched in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) concluded that it was due to lapses in procedure and human error. Investigators found that TMC’s IVF

NUH apologises to late patient’s family

Source: AsiaOne  May 12, 2012 The National University Hospital (NUH) has apologised to the family of a late heart patient for failing to pay ‘close attention’ and give ‘reassuring care’ to her. Admitting that Madam Heng Choon Noi was shortchanged, NUH waived the

S’pore medical tourism needs careful rethink

Letter from See Leong Kit Source: Todayonline  May 14, 2012 THE timely report “India’s medical tourism could cause superbug to spread globally” (May 9) referred to a new superbug that has emerged from India, partly because of medical tourism, with

Surgeon’s $24.8m bill landed her in the soup

Source: The Straits Times  Jun 18, 2011 Dr Susan Lim’s charges reasonable, says expert DR SUSAN Lim’s $12 million bill for treating her Brunei patient over a six-month period was reasonable based on her past earnings, said a forensic accounting

$147,000 C-class bill

Editor’s Note: A hard working individual who works in an industry which most Singaporeans shunt, got injured and subsequently plagued with high hospitalisation bill. Class C by the way is the cheapest class hospitalisation available here. The reason given by