Category: Social Ills in Singapore

This category shares all the social ills we witness in Singapore including wastage, poor social net, social enclave, suisides etc etc

The disgusting habit we have in hawker centres

Other than another annoying “A unique Singapore anti-social behaviour: “choping” with tissue packs“, the not-return-your-own-tray after finished your tray is another bad traits of Singaporeans and residents alike. Read more “The disgusting habit we have in hawker centres“: “IF THERE’S

SMRT latest incident is a manifestation of what’s wrong with Singapore

“I tremble for my country when I think we may in fact get the kind of leaders we deserve.” – Gary Hart [Added 24th Mar 2016: Is it me or it is the Government-controlled cencored mass media is playing down

Customer wanted dishwasher with genetic disorder fired

Source : The Straits Times  18 Nov 2015 SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) – Jobs do not come easy for Mr Jimmy Wee. And when they do, he tries to hide from the public eye. That is because he suffers from a

Married, childless and happy

  A new generation that was brought up in affluence, consumerism and abundance, there is this worrying trend of a generation that is self-centered, gadget and travel-loving, lack of responsibility to their parents and their country. Another very good article

The flawed transportation system in Singapore – Go beyond infrastructure in fixing transport woes

4 years after my original post calling for an urgent overhaul to the flawed transport system, the latest to add to the call for privatisation comes from none other than Professor Kishore Mahbubani, the Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew

How bad is the haze condition in Singapore?

Enough said. Click the picture below to see the real impact of Haze on the Singapore landscape.

Sugar daddy dating sites (updated 2018)

Source:  The Sunday Times 16 Aug 2015 “Sugar dating” sites, which pair young women with rich older men willing to pay lavishly for companionship, have, in recent years, begun targeting people in Singapore. And hundreds have been signing up, leading

Site to check unclaimed insurance payout crashes

Adapted from The Straits Times  5 Jan 2015 Life Insurance Association sets up website for public to check if any money is due to them Members of the public can check if they or their deceased relatives have policies with

Viral video of elderly woman abused outside her HDB flat

Source: The Straits Times 21 Jul 2015 Based on the Facebook post, the address where the incident happens is at 48 lower delta road #03-05. The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) is “looking into” an alleged case of domestic

Woodlands park

Tucked away in a corner of Marsiling close to the Causeway and housing blocks, the Woodlands park was built in 1983, with seven Chinese pavilions and six Malay huts on stilts. But over the last decade, it has developed a