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Singapore Unofficial registry Convicted Sex Offenders The site is dedicated to all people of Singapore who wishes to search and find out of previous convicts are released or still in prison.  

Sugar daddy dating sites (updated 2018)

Source:  The Sunday Times 16 Aug 2015 “Sugar dating” sites, which pair young women with rich older men willing to pay lavishly for companionship, have, in recent years, begun targeting people in Singapore. And hundreds have been signing up, leading

Woodlands park

Tucked away in a corner of Marsiling close to the Causeway and housing blocks, the Woodlands park was built in 1983, with seven Chinese pavilions and six Malay huts on stilts. But over the last decade, it has developed a


Published by farhan Source:  Tue, 20 Jan 2015 Unless you are a hostess, you would not really understand the risky nature of the job. So declares Miao Miao who works as a freelance nightclub hostess, flitting between three main


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Sentosa Cove Pool Death

Askmelah’s Note: A rich bastard, a gold digger and a grieving parent – the lure of money ended in tragedy with mystery unsolved. Source: When the verdict on his daughter’s death was read out yesterday at a Coroner’s Inquiry


Source: The New Paper, 30 Aug 2012 A three-minute-long trailer for a Japanese porn movie has been circulating online – and it features iconic buildings here. The 160-minute-long video was uploaded on a Japanese porn site last Saturday. It stars

Nine charged in case involving underage Vietnamese sex workers

Source: CHANNEL NEWSASIA  Mar 31, 2012 Nine men were charged in court yesterday in connection with a case involving underage sex workers. Of the nine, six men were charged with having sex with underage prostitutes. The men, aged 24 to

Gay website founder sues firms, directors

Adapted from The Straits Times  18 Dec 2011 A founder of popular gay networking site has filed a lawsuit against the portal’s holding company, subsidiaries and board of directors. Dr Stuart Koe, who started the website in 2000, claims

Foreign ‘masseurs’ muscle in on escort trade

Source: The Straits Times  20 Nov 2011 They advertise their services online and enter Singapore as tourists Dane (not his real name), 30, has been an escort serving male clients for five years. He used to face competition only from