Circular Road area near Boat Quay is latest to get seedy reputation

Source: The Sunday Times   25 Sep 2011

As soon as darkness descends, dozens of scantily clad women emerge under neon signs and hover around the entrances of their establishments.

‘Darling,’ they call out coyly to passers-by, ‘come in for a drink, you’ll have a good time, I promise.’

This is the new reality for many patrons who frequent Circular Road, a stretch of shophouses behind Boat Quay now packed with pubs with names like Kriselle and Mambo 5.


  • As many as 15 such bars have sprung up along along both sides of the Circular Road.
  • The girls, mostly Filipinas wearing tube tops, short skirts and fishnet stockings park themselves outside the bars in groups of four or five. They call out to perspective male patrons who walk by and at times, even try to pull them into the bars.
  • The police said that while they have not seen an increase in crime in the area, they will continue to carry out frequent patrols.