Constructive politics? Here is the proof

In President Tony Tan’s 2014 address when he reopened the 12th Parliament earlier this month, Dr Tan called for constructive politics that would not weaken the country, while he welcomed vigorous debate on the challenges ahead. And see these “constructive politics” unfolding…… It is simply eye-opening!

I couldn’t even cut and paste a small portion of what Andrew Loh’s argument as I agree wholeheartedly, look at the comments from the readers, just overwhelming to show how political, immature and unpopular this MP can be. She just give the unpopular current cabinet another good reason for online bashing.

Indranee Rajah’s destructive political nitpicking

Here is another earlier article about her spat with the opposition leader Low Thia Khiang:

To know what “constructive politics” is, it is necessary to first know what it is not. This unnecessary debate started by Indranee is an excellent negative example of “constructive politics”. And this is the kind of sick political culture condoned by weak leadership. – Kenny Chong

‘Constructive politics’ sparks heated debate between Low, Indranee

Quote” The People’s Action Party’s Cedric Foo (Pioneer) attempted to pin down opposition MP Chen Show Mao (Aljunied GRC) on his stand on immigration in Parliament on Friday.

In a clarification to Mr Chen’s earlier speech, which focused on successful ageing in Singapore, Mr Foo asked the former if he felt it necessary for the inflow of immigrants in the long-term future to deal with the country’s ageing populace.

To this, Mr Chen said he felt the focus should still be on “the growing of a resident workforce”.

He added: “When targets we set for the growth in our resident working population .. are not met, then I think at that time foreign workers may be.. increased so that we’re on a path to growth as we have planned.”

But Mr Foo took issue with this, stressing that he was asking specifically about the flow of immigrants into the country.” End of Quote. Read more at the url below:

Parliament: WP’s Chen Show Mao and PAP’s Cedric Foo debate on immigration

PM Outlines Five Qualities of Constructive Politics

Good policies hampered by bad politics


Exerpts of Opposition leader Low Thia Khiang:

“If the people continue to support a government party that uses high-handed tactics against its political opponents, we are endorsing a bullying political culture.

“If the people support a governing party that uses governmental resources, including civil servants, to serve its partisan goals, we are condoning the abuse of political power as an acceptable culture.

“Using differentiating measures in policies to punish people who voted for the opposition breeds a culture of divisive politics.

“It also used to be said that the political incumbent has no obligation to level the playing field, that might is right, and that the political incumbent has the right to use all legal means to remain in power because everyone will do it if they are the incumbent. This is building a self-serving political culture.”