Gumtree Scam Alert!

A man contacts you on Skype. He says he’s American, and he saw your Gumtree ad selling your barely-worn pair of branded shoes and wants to purchase it as a present for his daughter, who is studying in Thailand.

Would you be so kind, he asks earnestly, to mail the item directly to his daughter? He would be happy to pay upfront for the shoes and postage costs via bank transfer, no questions asked.

Chances are, if you’re desperate enough to get rid of the shoes (and make a quick buck in the process), you would say yes.

And if so, ‘congratulations!’ You just got scammed.

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  • I was a perfect victim of a con-artist – “good background knowledge of the subject of a scam offer, say experience in investments, may actually increase the risk of becoming a victim through “over-confidence”.