Impact of liberal immigration policies begins to show – social tension on the rise (updated)

[Updated 10Aug 2015] PRC’s pei-du mother accused of having an affair with a local man.

[Updated 28 May 2015] China women assaulting and spitting on Simei condo manager

[Updated 31Jan2015] Yuan Ching Road deaths: Man sent e-mail to media headlined “Final Note” on morning of incident 

“Study at 36 years old after being away from studies about 18 years and especially wanted to fight with the elites from China to be top of the cohort and “A” student is not a joke…….” – Latest family tragedy,  a manifest of how a Singaporeans Ken Ong coped with the changing economic hardship who ultimately had taken his life as well as his wife. Thank god he did not take his little young ones with him unlike in some other family tragedies.

[Updated 15 Jan 2015] Bus commuters exchange angry words

A Singaporean quarrelled with a Philipino woman who allegedly overheard calling the bus driver “stupid”.

[Updated 9 Jan 2015] Tan Tock Seng Hospital fires Filipino nurse who made “offensive comments” on Facebook 

Philipino nurse Ello Ed Mundsel Bello wrote that Singaporeans are “loosers” (losers), and that he was “praying that disators (disasters) will strike Singapore”. In a statement to the media on Friday night, TTSH said Mr Bello had joined the hospital in October and was under probation when he made the “offensive online comments”.

Askmelah’s comment: it is really stupid to bite the hand that feed and then lie to the police claiming the Facebook account has been hacked. These “foreign talents” simply just do not learnt from so many idiots before them.

[Updated 21 Sep 2014] PRC Yang Yin hao lian on weibo his vault got $50M dug out by wanbao

[Updated 21 Jan 2014] Rich foreigner (Anton Casey) labels Singaporeans who take public transport as “poor people”. Anton Casey is a Senior Wealth Manager at Crossinvest Asia living in Singapore. Read more. Updated 23 Jan 14: Anton Casey has apologised for his stupidity after receiving death threat online and with all his personal and work details being published online. [Uodated 25A Jan 2014: Anton Casey fired by employer Crossinvest Asia]

“I’m starting to get uncomfortable on the current situation now in SG regarding pinoy FT. sometime ago locals are only venting their frustrations to PRC and Indians. but now pinoy are on their hit list as one of the race they think are pest and trash.”

“We welcome quality immigrants but not those “Foreign Trash” posting all kinds of idiotic insults or remarks against local natives.”Gin Tai

“Mr. Prime Minister, you got no bloody clue on what is in the mind of these New Citizens or PRs who came from China! They despised nearly everything about Singapore! They came here to study, but they looked down on your education system; hiding in their heart or mind, they regard Singaporean teachers and students very low. …….You and your government seemed to have over fantasized New Citizens’ loyalty for Singapore!”Celia Lim

“His(Anton Casey) comments….. are helping to fuel the fire of anti-immigrant sentiment in wealthy Singapore, where foreigners make up about 40% of the population – a percentage second only to Dubai – and are sometimes derided for taking jobs away from locals. Anger boiled over into a rare public protest against government population-growth plans in February last year.” –


The recent spates of new immigrants/foreigners getting involved in a series of verbal spats with Singaporeans could be the beginning of the social tension in Singapore caused by a combination of liberal immigration policy and foreign labour policy of Singapore Government.

The logic is very simple (which I suspect some of these policy makers just fail to appreciate):

  • more people -> more crowded space -> more tension;
  • when the new grads as well as the middle age workers, the old folks are seeing employers spurns the locals and hire in drove cheaper, younger and more willing foreigners and “new” immigrants, the temperature boils.

It certainly does not help when some of these arrogant immigrants ask us to get a life and extol that they are welcome by our Government, it is no wonder the anti-immigrant sentiments are at the all time high in Singapore short history of less than 50 years since independence. Singapore has always been an immigration society and this is not something new and most Singaporeans have long accepted immigrants quietly. It is the pace in the last few years that cause an uproar among the citizens and if left unchecked with lax immigration policy, the consequence could be disastrous!

After the watershed 2011 election, PM Lee said:  “many Singaporeans wish for the government to adopt a different style and approach. We hear your voice. The PAP will learn from this election and put right what is wrong.” While the Government definitely trying frantically to stem the outburst with a series of policies to clamp down property prices and give more benefits to Singaporeans, the problem is the floodgate was opened too wide in the previous five years and the impact is still being unravelled as we speak.

Here are the collection of the recent clashes:

1) The Sun Xu incident

Singaporeans are up in arms over a foreign scholar’s derogatory comment that “there are more dogs than humans in Singapore”.

A rough translation of his Chinese blog post read: “It’s so annoying to have gangster Singapore uncles stare at you when you bump into them. There are more dogs than humans here in Singapore.”

His comment has outraged Singaporeans, who questioned MOE policies. Some have even called for Sun’s scholarship to be revoked.

2) The Angelo Marc Jandugan

Angelo Marc Jandugan has implored PM Lee (on his Facebook page) to ignore the ‘noise’ made by Singaporeans and continue his ‘good policy’ of bringing more foreigners into Singapore.

“You have such a LOSER mentality. You have to wake up….We have people earning so much than you guys..”

“For your info, I became a citizen in 2009 and voted for GE2011. We have people in your grassroots, RC and PA. We have new citizens who have gone on to become MPs in Punggol.”

“….we have the FULL support of your government and we love them. They believe in our talent. Face the new reality, migrate somewhere else cause you can’t stop more of my people (from Philippines) from coming here.”

A massive outcry has erupted over insensitive remarks made by this Philippino new citizen Angelo Marc Jandugan, prompting many irate Singaporeans to lodge complaints against him on his employer Deutsche Bank’s Facebook page.

3) “Don’t let policies be dictated by uneducated, disgruntled locals” – PRC student tells PM Lee

4) “PRC student scolds Singapore girl: You are a traitor ‘DOG’!!!”

5) The curry gate incident

A family, who had just moved here from China, had resorted to mediation because they could not stand the smell of curry that their Singaporean Indian neighbours would often cook. The Indian family, who were mindful of their neighbour’s aversion, had already taken to closing their doors and windows whenever they cooked the dish, but this was not enough.

6) Ex-Singaporean shocked at the number of ‘low class’ PRC nationals in the city upon return to Singapore

“When I visited Singapore last month, I was shocked by the amount of PRC FTs in the city. They seem to be everywhere, shouting, pushing and all the bad habits from China. I have lived and worked in China for more than 10 years and I know lots of very intelligent, polite and well mannered Chinese. Somehow, these Chinese FTs are from the bottom of the barrel that the Chinese government does not want.”

“What economic values can these middle age women bring to Singapore except to con those dirty old men of their retirement fund. Go check it out in Chinatown.”

7) Chinese embassy expresses regret over Ferrari accident – Watch your conduct and respect local laws.
In a letter addressed to The Straits Times, that’s what the Chinese embassy in Singapore has told its citizens living in the Republic, following a tragic accident over the weekend that has killed three people and injured two others. The driver of the Ferrari that caused the three-vehicle accident was a China national, financial investor Ma Chi, who died in the crash. The Sichuan native was speeding (and beating the red light) when he crashed his limited-edition Ferrari into a taxi near Bugis junction. (more: Ferrari crash fuels Singapore anti-foreign sentiment)

8) Outcry over PRC flag hanging in HDB estate:

in one unit in Hougang, a PRC flag could be seen hanging in public, much to the chagrin of angry Singaporeans:

While the Singapore police was quick to arrest a 13 year old Singapore girl for burning the Singapore flag, no action was taken against this PRC new citizen family yet for displaying the PRC flag publicly.

9) Loud and unruly PRC behaviours on the rise

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Many such encounters are on the rise and go unreported. Behaviour like this may be acceptable in China but is not the accepted social norm in Singapore.


[Source: Baey Yam Keng’s Facebook]

Askmelah’s Note: I don’t think most Singaporeans are anti-foreigners per se. Most are just put off by some bad encounters with some foreign trashes that posed as talents, in particular those that come from China and Philippines. Instead of being grateful to Singapore who provide them with a good life, free scholarship and almost guaranteed tickets to the pink IC, many of these so-called talents think that they earn it for keep and bite the hands that feed. It is many of such incidents that many Singaporeans encountered on a daily basis that the resentment has been building up over the years, esp the last few years where a open floodgate of PRC people flooding the Republic competing in lowly paid jobs from coffee assistants all the way to university professors. God bless Singapore!

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First published on 14 May 2012