Misuse/Theft of Supermarket Trolleys

Supermarkets still plagued by missing trolleys (Asiaone 16 Oct 2013)

“Despite having implemented various measures, supermarkets are still losing quite a number of trolleys, no thanks to inconsiderate shoppers who cart them away for convenience. Sheng Siong lost an average of 38 trolleys each month from January to July this year, almost double last year’s figures. FairPrice saw a 14 per cent drop in lost trolleys but the cooperative with 120 supermarkets and hypermarkets still lost about 100 trolleys a month in the first half of this year. Dairy Farm, which runs Giant and Cold Storage, declined to give figures, adding that the number of trolleys lost was “not significant”. Most of Sheng Siong’s trolleys were found at HDB void decks or carparks. But the problem is not restricted to the heartland. FairPrice has also found abandoned trolleys at parks and beaches.

FairPrice loses 200 trolleys every month  (my paper, Feb 11, 2010)  – “On average, 200 trolleys from Fair- Price stores islandwide go missing every month.”


Install locking devices on trolleys to prevent misuse

From June Cheah-Nicholls
Source: Todayponline, April 15,2014

In the United Kingdom, some supermarkets have installed devices on their trolleys to keep them from being removed from their premises; the trolleys will be locked once taken beyond a certain boundary. (“Deter supermarket trolley thieves with panel reminders”; April 12)

This would solve the issue of abandoned or misu