Best Of Getai (歌台)

大马:黑旋风,(新一代麦克杰逊)Wind Twister,(New generation Michael Jackson)

Malaysian Michael Jackson, a good rendition of Smooth Criminal.

李佩芬 + 王雷 – 新桃花过渡

Notice how the audiences showered the singers with Ang Pao!


黑旋风 (槟城麦克杰克孙) – 旧欢如梦

Indian Getai singer from Penang singing cantanese song.


张雄 – 我问天

Watch out for the disco part of this song at the middle of the rendition.


宝贝姐妹 & 皓皓 – 爱神 (搞笑)

Elaborate costume, haohao is a male performer.


黑旋风 (槟城麦克杰克孙) – Dangerous

Malaysian Michael Jackson performing Dangerous at the Getai.


李佩芬, 钟耀南, 王雷 – 搞笑 + 老爷车

Ah Nam and Wang Lei  are two of the best comedians in Singapore. This skit is a typical getai talk show with singing.


钟耀南, 宝贝姐妹, 皓皓, 许琼芳 – 搞笑

A typical skit using lots of dialects. Look out for the part using English which is most hilarious.



“881” – The Movie That Glamourise “Getai”

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