Singapore Unofficial registry Convicted Sex Offenders The site is dedicated to all people of Singapore who wishes to search and find out of previous convicts are released or still in prison.  

What to do when you have depression?

Viral video: pretty daughter apologised on behalf of father

Father allegedly assaulted driver but luckily his pretty daughter was able to prevent it from escalating further   GPGT – cute cute sinkie XMM apologise nonstop for her PAPA vulgar behavior!!

The Singapore paradox: going forward and standing still, all at once- kishore Mahbubani

Source: The AlumNUS, Apr-Jun2018

New E-Bike regulation effective 1 Feb 2018

E-bike owners who have not registered their vehicles or continue to use non-compliant bikes could face hefty fines and jail sentences from 1 Feb 2018, when new regulations kick in. Under the new regulations, those who keep or use a is back online!

If you have been to in the last few days, you would have noticed the site has been brought down by spammers. It is a shame to these parasites. If you like to help. pls donate to keep this

Pay GST at Immigration/Checkpoints!

Two news caught my attention on the same day. If you buy luxury goods from overseas, remember to declare and pay GST: Woman arrested at Changi Airport for failing to declare branded items worth over $11,000 for GST payment “Travellers,

E-waste recycling in Singapore

Those who do not know what to do with their old, unused gadgets such as laptops and desktop computers can now drop them off at electronic waste bins located in areas such as Bukit Batok and Alexandra where they will

New toll charges at Woodlands Checkpoint from 1 Feb 2018

Toll charges for all vehicles except motorcycles entering Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint will be removed from Feb 1 2018. All vehicles except motorcycles entering Singapore will have their toll charges removed. PHOTO: LTA

TaxiBot App: All-In-One Cab, Uber, Grab Promo Codes

It is a chatbot on Facebook that supplies you with the latest promotion codes for ComfortDelGro, Uber and Grab. You need to install Facebook Messenger first in order to use this app.