PAP’s track record, what track record?

“No ministers resigned or sacked until Election Year. For more than 5 years, National Development and HDB cocks up; Public transportation seizes; Singapore flooded with foreigners and pondings. Geez, if those millionaire ministers were sacked or resigned earlier, Singapore may not be plagued by the current property and transportation mess that we have now! Yes, it is indeed troublesome to sack deadwoods in PAP!” –  Feed Me To The Fish

Askmelah’s Note: All these talks about track record are making people sick. PAP did not have much track record before it came into power. If the people then had asked for their track records PAP probably might stand little chance of ruling the country. People also did not vote the American president Obama into power based on his track record but rather the vision he articulated and the promises he made. Listen to the pod cast put together by celebrity blogger Mr. Brown, while hilarious, it does give a good rebuttal of the dumb “track record” talk.
The Straits Times reporter Li XueYing (see article below) also rightly pointed out that PAP politicians should return to the roots of being politicians rather than staying aloof and being just brilliant technocrats. Leave the technicality and implementability to the civil servants, that’s what they are paid top dollars for, the politicians’ jobs are to consider the political implications to the people, nevermind the solutions sometimes may not be the best ones. As one forumer Amy Ng rightly pointed out “Come and sit down with us at the neighbourhood coffee shops more often to listen to us instead of just attending RC functions where things are so superficial.” It is time PAP looks for real politicians rather than CEOs, Generals, Scholars,lawyers and doctors to fill its ranks if it really wants the voters to stop looking for alternatives. Looks for people who wants to serve and able to connect with people rather than people with career achievements and academic results.
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DPM Teo Chee Hean says PAP has good track record and manifesto this time, addresses practical issues of Singaporeans

Source: xin.msn 19/04/2011

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has cast doubts over the opposition parties’ manifestos, questioning if the parties can deliver on what they have promised.

In comparison, he said the ruling People’s Action Party has a good track record and that its manifesto addresses practical issues of Singaporeans.

He brushed aside criticisms that the PAP’s manifesto is lacking in substance.

Mr Teo was speaking at the sidelines of the opening of NTUC FairPrice 100th store.

“If you look at the substance of the manifesto of the PAP, it has got a good track record, We have actually delivered on our promises over several decades, we think carefully before we put something down because we know we have to deliver on it.I don’t think it is the same for the manifestos of opposition parties, they put down a long laundry lists of things, which they imagine can be done, but the reality is not the same. And even if you put down the same items, the PAP has shown that it can deliver- implementation, execution.They put down the same item, question is, can the other guy deliver?”

Mr Teo added the election can be looked at as an event, but the excitement level should not be likened to a carnival or watching an action movie.

“An election is serious matter, because you decide, and after that whether you go home to sleep in your comfortable bed on not, depends on how you have decided. It’s not some kind of carnival or some kind of action movie that you go there and enjoy just for that period. You have to think of the consequences and the longer term issues.”

Minister in Prime Minister’s office, Lim Hwee Hua added that the PAP’s manifesto gives an assurance to Singaporeans.

“I think people like to know that they can bring up their children in an environment that is predictable. And that the government will do all it can to ensure that the opportunities are there. Their families stay intact and that their environment continues to be a very safe and secure one.The GE is really for us to get the mandate again, from the people , our work continues right from time from the last GE. We work on delivering our promises, a lot of the programmes are long term like lift upgrading , building communities, looking after the aged, looking after the young. And these are not things that we will do just during this period, but we have been working hard at those and we would love very much to continue doing that with the residents.”

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