Police arrest Amos Yee over anti-Lee Kuan Yew video

[Updated 6Jul2015] Amos seems to be completely traumatised after being sent to the mental hospital to stay with the mentally sick people. As someone said: People who killed others with their vehicles had less prison time (than Amos’ sentence). Sick People, Sick Country indeed.

[Updated 24Jun2015] UN agency calls for Amos Yee’s immediate release


Amos compared the late Lee to Jesus Christ, by saying both figures “are both power-hungry and malicious but deceive others into thinking they are both compassionate and kind”.

He also said Lee’s followers were “completely delusional and ignorant, and have absolutely no sound logic or knowledge about him that is grounded in reality”. This was what Amos compared to Christians’ knowledge of the bible and the religion’s priests.” – Yahoo News

“That a 17-year old boy can be publicly crucified in such a manner is appalling, even if he made distasteful remarks. He made legitimate criticism of Lee and the formula he used to nurture Singapore into the power that it is today. Criticism is essential in a democracy because you are using your voice to express your opinions, and the more those opinions are well-formed and informed by facts, the more valid and worthy of debate they are. The truth is that Amos had a point. Underneath the profanity and angst, he made some well-rounded observations about Singapore’s controversial founding father. The cult of Lee Kuan Yew wishes these sentiments to be wiped out as Singaporean history is rewritten to make it seem like Lee single handedly built Singapore, brick by boring brick.” – Source

While Amos Yee’s target was on LKY, but the small part where he touches on Christianity by drawing the analogy to LKY landed him in trouble with the police. Nevertheless, look beyond the crude language and the Christianity, there were some sound logic and truth to his unhappiness. Here is the video link:


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  • UN agency calls for Amos Yee’s immediate release – THE United Nations Human Rights Office for South-east Asia yesterday called for the immediate release of teenage blogger Amos Yee, who has been remanded at Changi Prison since June 2.

Original post published on Mar 30, 2015