Rude passenger verbally abused taxi driver

Singaporeans react to video of rude passenger bullying taxi driver 

Video of passenger scolding taxi driver goes viral – Outraged netizens even claimed to have found the man and revealed his details. However, the Facebook page of the man appears to have been removed and he could not be reached at the number posted.

Netizens Dig Up The Identity Of Man Who Verbally Abused Local Taxi Driver – According to the forumers on HardwareZone, the man involved in the video is actually a man working here as a nurse named Jerrel Phua. Apparently, he has made several enemies before so when netizens heard the way he talked and his voice, they were able to identify him.


See the video here:


One comment on “Rude passenger verbally abused taxi driver
  1. Clive says:

    Do not underrate people driving taxi are uneducated, low-class. I have many friends who are degree holder and many of these taxi drivers who bring bread n butter to their families n their children are also NUS graduates holding respectable careers n some of their children turn out to be high fliers too.