Justice Served? May be Not.

Source: Todayonline   Nov 21, 2011
I refer to the report “Man jailed, fined for fatal accident” (Nov 17), a case involving a five-year-old girl two years ago.

The speeding driver was given one week in jail, a five-year driving ban and a separate fine of S$1,000 for illegal car modifications. This is the latest in a long line of deaths caused by negligent driving for which the sentences are inadequate. Not only are lives lost, the lives of families and friends are irreparably damaged.

The culprits speed, drink-drive or otherwise drive unsafely despite being aware of the danger, and from the frequent news of such accidents, it should be clear that the light sentences are not an effective deterrence.

Perhaps, the survivors of these victims could be surveyed on whether they feel justice is being served by current sentencing trends.

Letter from John Chan Chi Yung