Published by farhan

Unless you are a hostess, you would not really understand the risky nature of the job.

So declares Miao Miao who works as a freelance nightclub hostess, flitting between three main KTV clubs on Havelock Road.

She is here on a long-term social visit pass and for this reason, she refuses to give us her contact number or name the individual clubs.

Miao Miao, 25, who is from Shanghai, China, says: “I just want to save myself from any potential trouble, be it with my clients or the authorities.

“Or even with the various club management.”

Especially now that the leases for the remaining three clubs – Tiananmen KTV & Lounge, Golden Million and Club Infinitude – on Havelock Road are expected to cease by the end of this month.

Miao Miao says that is bad news for her. As it is, when Las Vegas De’Palace closed its doors last June, she saw her monthly income drop by “a drastic 30 per cent”.

Miao Miao says: “That is why I don’t have a boyfriend until now. Not many men like the idea of other men pawing their women, or even worse, having sex with them.”

Ask her if she offers sexual services, and she returns the question with a look of scorn.

“What do you think? Are you really so naive to believe that everything is just clean singing and drinking?” she says.

Miao Miao concedes that there are the rare hostesses who adhere strictly to their self-imposed rule of not providing sexual services.

“But of course, tell it to 10 people and it is likely not one will believe that,” she says.