Technician jailed for engaging services of underaged prostitute

Source: Todayonline Apr 15, 2011
A quality control technician was yesterday jailed a year for engaging the services of a 14-year-old prostitute.

Bhadrulzaman Hashim (picture), 29, met the girl in October 2008 through a mutual friend. The girl had lied about her age, claiming that she was 17 years old.

He later discovered that the girl was a prostitute after he chanced upon her while she was soliciting outside Summer Hotel at Lorong 22, Geylang, in April 2009.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Chua Ying-Hong said Bhadrulzaman had sex with the teenager in the hotel without checking her age and paid her S$50 for her services.

For the same amount, the two had sex again in the hotel in September that year, said DPP Chua.

Defence Counsel Hamidul Haq told the court in his mitigation plea that the girl was “in the business” and she had offered her services to his client.

District Judge Eddy Tham, however, said the fact the teenager had done so was not a mitigating factor and the law is in place to protect the young from being sexually exploited.

Bhadrulzaman had pleaded guilty earlier this month to two of three counts of engaging the services of a sex worker who was below 18 years old.

He could have been jailed up to seven years, fined, or both for each charge.