Top 10 Ungraceful Habits of Singaporeans

Source: SGClubs

Ever felt irritated by your fellow Singaporeans? Or maybe by that auntie who is always gossiping so loudly in public areas? Well, SGClub presents to you the top 10 most irritating habits Singaporeans have. You’d probably find yourself having at least one, if not a few of these!

Must.. Get In… First

Seriously, what is this overwhelming need with some Singaporeans to rush in first when the doors of a lift or trains open? If you are already the first person in-front of the door, YOU WILL GET IN! Can you let me get our first?? Then there will be more space for everyone else and you won’t be creating some kind of traffic jam right at the doors where I might get seriously hurt when the doors close. I’m warning you, the next time you try to rush in when I’m getting out, I’ll be standing my ground and you can forget about being the first person to get in!

Phone Blasting

Ever gotten onto a double-decker bus after a really long day, only to endure the entire trip having to listen to poor quality music blasted on someone’s phone? It’s even worse when they sing along and out of tune. Trust me; it’s more common than you think.

Stop Staring, I’m Not Done

You can stare all you want, if I’m not done with my meal, you can bet that I’m staying on. And while I recognise that tables are scarce in many places, but hey, I’m entitled to some time to finish off my ‘teh ping’ without you making me feel guilty about it. If you must maintain a watchful eye over my table, at least do it discretely and politely as I’m sure you don’t like it too when others stare while you finish of the last morsel of your food. Let’s be a little more graceful can we?

Tissue = Taken?

Personally, I don’t see how people can actually stand being told off by an auntie when you thought you have finally found a place to sit in a crowded eatery. That tissue counts for nothing! It is worse when you finally stoop to their level and realise that some tissue packets on the tables AREN’T for reservation purposes, but were left behind by previous patrons.

Edgy Escalators

It is widely known that we have to keep left on escalators, unless we’re walking on it. I’m not really sure why some people enjoy standing on the right side, but apparently it’s a habit that’s pretty rampant here. Be it rushing to watch a movie in a shopping centre, or to simply move faster when you’re already on an escalator (for reasons that elude me), it is quite a pain to have someone block you on the right when there is obviously place for them to stand on the left.

Hear Ye, Hear Me!

Why oh why, do people have to talk so loudly over the phone in public areas? If it’s hard for the other person to hear you on the other end, excuse yourself and go to a quieter place. Or, you could make use of the technology we call ‘SMS’. Most of us do not need to know what you had for dinner, or who recently won a consolation prize in 4D.

Failed Flushing

The number of times I’ve used a cubicle that wasn’t flushed, could be close to equivalent to the number of times I’ve been to a toilet outside Changi Airport and home. Other than the times I’ve been to the nicer shopping malls such as Ion Orchard and Tampines One, the cubicles are mostly unsatisfactory. Sometimes, I wonder if the automatic flush system even works in certain places. Would it be so much of a chore to flush? Just press the metal button if it doesn’t flush after use! It would help make the experience so much more pleasant for the next person.


This is just plain disgusting. It’s so much of an eyesore to see spit on the ground, worse if it’s phlegm. If you ever step on it, I’m pretty sure you’ll be cringing inside. If you hang around the bus interchange at Bedok long enough, you’ll get to meet the culprits. The sound they make before spitting it onto the floor makes it hard to miss them!

My Bag Needs a Chair

This is pretty self-explanatory and is an endemic problem both with the young and the old. I understand that floor is dirty, but it is still not a good excuse to deny a person a seat just because of your bag. In addition, there is a more insidious form of this bad habit where one person hogs two tables just for his laptop and his papers. The cafe and any public area is not your office or personal space to hog, and I believe that if you are one person, an entitlement of 1 space is fair and if there is no one who needs the space, it’s perfectly fine to ‘expand’ your space. However if the place is packed with many looking for a place, it is common courtesy to give up any additional space you have taken.

Turn Your Handphone Off!

Can you count the number of times that you are reminded to turn your cellphones to off or silent mode before a movie or a theatre? You would think that it should be enough to remind any blur king that he needs to take out his phone and check it. But no….. at the most crucial moment of the movie, you will hear an irritating ring that distracts everyone. And that is not the worse thing. Sometimes, this inconsiderate person will take his own sweet time to answer it, afraid that someone in the cinema might not have heard hisu irritating ringtone. And to cap things off, he starts starts talking on the phone as though he was the only person in the entire room! I feel my nachos cheese flying in that direction…

And that’s that for the Top 10 Irritating Habits. But remember people; it’s never too late to change.