Holland V not for heartlanders?

…(Samantha, caller on 91.3 FM’s The Married Men show): “I live in Holland Village, and I just can’t understand why people from the heartlands want to come here. We people are cultured, and you heartlanders are definitely not cultured,” she said.

She defines heartlanders as being “people from Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Toa Payoh and the nearby Bukit Batok” who “have no manners”, “talk loudly” and wear “cheap clothes from Bugis Street”.

“People who come here are cultured. So if you want to come here, you know, when you’re in Rome, behave like a Roman. When you’re in Holland, behave like us — cultured people. “

The woman who called heartlanders ‘not cultured’ on 91.3FM’s The Married Men has apologised for her remarks. (Source: The Straits Times)

A woman known only as Samantha on Friday apologised for calling heartlanders ‘not cultured’ on 91.3FM’s The Married Men.

THE woman who pitted Holland Village against the heartlanders of Singapore has apologised on public radio. She once again called 91.3FM’s The Married Men on Friday morning and said that she wanted to retract her words expressed on radio in the above show, about the heartlanders of Singapore. Known only as Samantha, she further explained that she was at a Starbucks outlet at Holland Village on Wednesday when she heard vulgarities from two men dressed in slippers and shorts. She was ticked off by their actions and dressing and decided to call in to 91.3FM’s The Married Men – on Wednesday – to rant. It caused a stir online among netizens, and on Facebook too among friends who found links to the broadcast segment.