Road Rage and Carpark Rage Sample Incidents

Incident 1: ‘Carpark’ Rage in Orchard Road

Source: Yahoo! News,

A heated argument that erupted between a luxury car driver and another driver at the Atrium along Orchard Road and was captured on video is buzzing online.

The two-minute video appears to be start midway through an argument when the driver of a Jaguar launches into a profanity-laden tirade at the other driver, who is filming the entire scene.

During the entire exchange, which was shot on 30 January this year but uploaded to YouTube on Saturday, the driver of the Jaguar appears to be accusing the second driver of cutting into his path.

According to AsiaOne, the driver who shot the video claimed to be queuing to enter the carpark, which was full at the time, when the Jaguar tried to cut into his path.

“This guy drove in and wanted to cut my lane. I (moved) in the lane and he just missed hitting my door by 1cm,” said the driver.

After both cars got into the carpark, the owner of the Jaguar stopped his car, got out and launched into a verbal tirade. He is heard repeatedly threatening to sue the other driver and said he has “a lot of money, tonnes of money”.

The argument ended when the angry driver’s female companion, who was inside the car, got out and urged him to end the argument.

“I make sure your backside is broken” were his final parting words before driving off.

Throughout the exchange, it is not entirely clear who was in the right or wrong.


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